Fabric Covered Succulent Planter Box

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Affiliate link disclosure for succulent planterSeeing as how I have a black thumb, I am a big fan of faux plants. Or succulents, because they are harder to kill. But faux succulents? Love. The new ones are so realistic looking that people are always asking if my arrangements are real. Score! I was thrilled that this month for the Make It: Fun® challenge the sweet ladies from Floracraft®  sent me a bunch of beautiful faux succulents.

I’ve been working on filling the shelf I hung above my family room window, and I knew a succulent planter would be the perfect focal point. I had an old tealight holder in my stash, and I thought it would be the perfect container for my succulents. I love how it turned out. What do you think?

How to Make Your Own Fabric Covered Succulent Planter Box

-Tealight holder or other planter box
Design it:® Silks & Naturals Desert Foam®
-Design it:® Simple Style® Succulent Picks
-Faux greenery
-Styrofoam cutter or knife
-Piece of fabric large enough to cover your box (thick fabric works best)
-Craft glue


Cut a piece of fabric large enough to wrap around the front and sides of your box, with an inch or two extra on the two sides and bottom.
Succulent Planter made from an old tealight- upcycled and covered with fabric.Spread a thin layer of glue on the front and sides of your planter box, and wrap the fabric tightly around, pressing out any wrinkles. I lined up the selvage edge of the fabric with the top of my box so I wouldn’t have to wrap around the top.
DIY fabric covered Succulent PlanterNow you need to wrap the fabric around the back and across the bottom. First wrap the extra fabric around the back and glue it down. Make two slits in the fabric on the front corner on the bottom so the side pieces can be folded down and glued to the bottom. Then fold over the front piece and glue it down. (I sure hope that makes sense.) If you have any extra poking out the back, you can glue it down or trim it off.
How to make a fabric covered succulent planter with an upcyled tealight holder.Here’s what it should look like from the front:
Tutorial- DIY Fabric Covered Succulent PlanterUse your knife to cut the foam into squares to fit inside the tealight holes. Press it down firmly.
DIY Faux Succulent arrangement

Now just arrange your succulents and greenery how you want them, then poke the stems into the foam. Voila. A lovely succulent planter that can be used as a centerpiece, or placed on a shelf.
How to make a faux succulent arrangement

Upcycled Succulent Planter

Here it is up on my shelf. It adds a nice touch of green, but I never have to water it. 🙂
Upcycled Tealight Succulent Planter

This is my last month on the Make It: Fun® team, and it has been a fun ride. Some of the challenges made me work out of my comfort zone a little, and it was great to flex my creative muscles a little! Here are my past projects. I didn’t realize how often I used the color pink. I guess Rachel is having an influence on me. LOL!

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  1. Wow, what a transformation! Such an easy way to update the candle holder, too. Love it! Than you.

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