Printable Thank You Notes {Teacher Gift}

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Teacher Gift- Set of Thank You Note Cards

Much to my dismay, my boys are heading back to school in the morning. I am not looking forward to the weeping and wailing that will happen when Rachel realizes her best buddies are leaving her behind with boring old mom. We may need to resort to chocolate for breakfast to make it through alive. 🙂

We finally finished up all of our school shopping last week. I will admit that I am not a fan of shopping for school clothes, but I have a strange affection for school supplies. Seeing all those pretty colors of pens, pencils, and markers all lined up in rows just makes my heart happy! After getting clothes, we stopped at Office Depot for supplies.

Apparently my kids like school supplies as much as I do, because after about five minutes, our cart looked like this:
Teacher Gift

Teachers are always in need of school supplies, so I always buy extras to help stock the class room. This year I also picked up some fun pens that happened to be on sale. And I decided to add a little more to the gift. One thing that I always love to give teachers is handmade note cards. I know they are always sending home little notes of appreciation to parent helpers. And having a stash of cute cards available is always handy!
Printable Thank You Note Cards

I whipped up some printable thank you notes to go with the pens. Tie them together with some envelopes, and you have a super cute, super practical gift. And let’s be honest, every teacher likes a gift that helps them keep a little cash in their pocketbook later on!
Free Printable Thank You Notes

To print your own thank you card(s), just click on the link below:

Thank You Note Cards
Printable Thank You Note Cards

On a total side note,  I almost squealed when I saw these markers! I LOVED them when I was a kid!
School SuppliesI haven’t seen them in AGES! I didn’t even know they made them anymore. Of course I had to buy a box. Taking off the lids and inhaling that fruity marker smell took me right back to fifth grade. Mrs. Reagan’s class. I used to stay in for recess to help her color posters. And sniff to my heart’s content.  Ah the memories. . .

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