Easy Fabric Scrap Banner

Happy Monday peeps – I hope you had a great weekend! Are any of you suffering from a game day food overload this morning? I know I’m feeling like I should eat a bowl of oatmeal and a kale smoothie or something. But boy did I have some good eats yesterday! I’m still adding the […]

Living Room Decorating- Shelves

I am not an interior decorator. Making things, I love. It comes pretty easily to me. But arranging them? Not so much. I have the hardest time getting things to look the way I like them in a room. I arrange. And re-arrange. Multiple times. Takes me weeks sometimes just to get a shelf finished. […]

Decorating with Spray Paint. . . and a Bucket.

We had a few warm days last week, so of course I took the opportunity to do some spray painting. I know, I’m slightly insane. Some people look forward to spring so they can start gardening. I look forward to spring because it means I can spray paint at any time of day without freezing […]

Favorites posts from 2010

Today is the very last day of 2010. Time for all good bloggers to look back and pick their favorite posts from the past 12 months. 😉 It is always hard for me to narrow things down, so I decided to pick one favorite from each month. Some of them are my personal favorites, and […]

DIY Laundry Room Makeover-Revisited

Sorry about the lack of linky party yesterday. It is hectic at my house. Being sick for two weeks will leave you with a boatload of catching up to do. I have been planning on doing an Adoption Boutique at my house. This weekend. I had great plans of selling hair clips, headbands, vinyl lettering, […]

Dollar Store Antiqued Plaque Tutorial

Fall has hit here in our little town. I can see the mountains from my craft room window and the trees are gorgeous!!! I love fall. Unfortunately, here in Utah it seems likes fall lasts about one week, and then the snow hits and we’re freezing our patootskies off. OK, that may be a bit […]

Framed Monogram {DIY Decorating}

I’m still working on a project in the living room. Don’t want to totally spill the beans, but I will let you know that I finally used my miter saw. Got any guesses? 😉 In the meantime, I was able to finish a decorating project that’s been on my list for months. Months. It all […]

Rosette Canvas Pillow

My cute friend Michelle over at Someday Crafts is doing a pillow linky party today, so I figured it was a good idea to finish up the pillow I started last week. Nothing like waiting till the last minute. 😉 When I was at CBC a few months ago, I saw a lady carrying a […]