Decorating with Spray Paint. . . and a Bucket.

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We had a few warm days last week, so of course I took the opportunity to do some spray painting. I know, I’m slightly insane. Some people look forward to spring so they can start gardening. I look forward to spring because it means I can spray paint at any time of day without freezing to death. 🙂
I started with this tin bucket that I bought at a garage sale for 50 cents:
diy-decorating-spray-paintIt’s going in my kitchen, so I painted it a happy red color.  Then I filled it with plastic bags and cut a piece of styrofoam to fit in the top. Realized you could see through the stars into the bags and styrofoam. Not pretty. So I hot glued a piece of canvas around the top edge to cover the stars. I added greenery that I got at Hobby Lobby and just poked it down into the styrofoam. And voila, I’ve got a colorful decoration for the top of my cabinets!
diy-decorating-spray-paintSo, have you spray painted anything lately? Or am I the only crazy lady walking around with a spray painted finger?


  1. Light fixtures: Okay so I just wanted to boast about the original use of the Hammered Silver spray paint I mentioned earlier…. I had 2 pendant light fixtures over our kitchen table. They were brass with big glass shades. I didn’t want to buy new ones, just didn’t like the 80’s brass any more. First remove the glass and the wiring from the pendant chain. Then I painted first with Tremclad Hammered Silver to completely cover the brass. The final coat was a *light* covering with Tremclad Hammered dark grey to make a pewter color. Let some of the silver show through. Looks better than all one solid color. I also sprayed the brass pot light surrounds, but only used the Hammered Silver. Next I’m doing the antique coat hooks on the coat rail!

  2. I spray painted a 7″ tin bucket too this week! Got it for 99 cents at Salvation Army. It was black and I wanted the “tin” look so I used a can of Silver Hammered-look spray paint that I had used for another project. Now the bucket looks like galvanized. We’re using it for a 65th party and decorating with ribbons etc and alphabet stickers to read “My Bucket List”. It’s been fun using the spray paint.

  3. I love it! And I, too, can’t wait for the weather to be nice enough to play with spray paint outside.

  4. Abi @ From this day forward says

    It is too, too cold for spray painting in England. I also have a whole bunch of things to sand too. C’mon weather, play the game!

    I love, love that red!

  5. I confess…I have spray painted twice in the garage since Saturday night. I have a problem.

  6. Adorable!

  7. the cape on the corner says

    so happy and cute! did you have to do anything special to the metal before you painted it? i have a bigger metal tin i’d like to do that too, but don’t know if i have to “rough it up” before hand..or just primer will work?

    • I knew that this bucket would be up out of the way and never get touched, so I didn’t even bother roughing it up or priming. I don’t usually prime metal, but sometimes I do go over it with a fine grain sandpaper so the paint adheres better. If it is something that will get a lot of wear, priming is a good idea. Let me know if you have any other questions. 🙂

  8. I love how it is popping with color! Thanks for introducing me to the wonders of spray paint:) I look at “trash” a lot differently ever since.

  9. I just spray painted a frame last week! I live in GA so it’s been warmer here for a couple of weeks. The original frame was white and really long and rectangular (got it for free in college when someone left it behind in our apartment), so I spray painted it a dark espresso brown, and then covered the glass with a cute striped fabric remnant I found at Hobby Lobby. I borrowed your clothespin frame idea and put ten clothespins all around the inside border of the frame; I have eight nieces and nephews and it was starting to become a pain to switch out updated photos of them in regular frames, so now I have a place to put the recent photos of each kid and no more messing with opening and closing the backs of the frames! (And I have two extra clothespins in case one of my sisters decides to have another kid!) Thanks for the great idea. And I made your ranch parmesan chicken twice last week because it was that good. :o)

    • Oh my gosh that is an awesome idea! I am totally going to start scouring thrift stores for a long skinny frame. I’ve gotta make one!
      Oh, and I’m glad you like my chicken. 🙂

  10. LOVE the red!! I can’t wait for spring to come so I can get out and do some spray painting along with other things!

  11. Very cute idea! 🙂 I need to be spray painting again.

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