Pottery Barn Inspired Christmas Wreath

I am heading out to get my haircut, so I don’t have much time. But I wanted to share with you the Christmas wreath I just whipped up. I was inspired by my Pottery Barn And Ballard Designs catalogs. They always have square wreaths in them, and I think they are so much fun! I had some garland lying around, so I decided to put it to good use.
Here is what I came up with:
diy-christmas-decoratingIt started with one of these:
diy-christmas-decorating I just used one from my stash. I always buy them at the thrift store for about a dollar. I just wrapped the garland around it. I didn’t even have to glue it in place, it totally held it’s shape. So quick and easy!

I embellished mine with a star that actually came from the Dollar Store. I simply covered it with canvas and wrapped a ribbon around it. You could also just omit the star and add a pretty ribbon. Or a monogram. Love those!

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  1. very cute! And so fast! I’ve had my tree for 2 weeks now, but still haven’t hit up the storage unit to get my Christmas stuff!

  2. Chelsy@sweetpeasandkisses says:

    So cute, and easy too! Right up my alley!

  3. Kristy Hicks says:

    I love it! It is so cute!! Great job!

  4. Love it! I love the rectangle “wreath”! I may have to try this one myself!

  5. Love it! I could probably do that! lol

  6. Good for you! That turned out great. I’ve been wanting one of those wreaths but not wanting to pay the price.

  7. Love it. It turned out great! Glad you can focus on Christmas now! Fun little chat last night :)

  8. Yours turned out great! I made one the other day and it does not look square. I wonder what I did wrong. Maybe it needs more poofing and wrapping. It definitely is not as defined as yours. Great job!

    • My guess is that your garland was more full than mine. If it’s too full, it fills in the corners and doesn’t look square-ish. But of course, I could be totally wrong. ;)

  9. I made a rectangle wreath this year also. I used light weight ‘white’ wood from Home Depot. 1 cost less than $1. cut/nailed together. Easy! And I love the look. Thanks for sharing yours.

  10. I never would have thought of a rectangular wreath but it is very effective and unique!

  11. I love it! So many ideas of where I could put something like this jut popped into my head.

  12. very cute! I made myself a square one too, didnt turn out exactly how I wanted, I didnt want the red tinsle garland on it, but by the time i wrapped my deck stairs in garland, I didnt have enough left over and didn’t feel like buying more, so i improvised! LOL


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