Angry, Um I mean Happy Halloween!! {Angry Birds Pumpkins}

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Happy Halloween peeps!

I just got back from the Elementary school costume parade. They used to hold it at the end of school and it took about 15 minutes. Now it’s at the beginning, and for the second year in a row, there has been a HUGE break in the middle. Half the kids walk past, and then all of us parents stand around waiting for 20-25 minutes wondering what the heck is going on. Finally the rest of them come. Makes me crazy! By the time we were finished, Rachel was not happy, and my back was killing me from holding her so long. I was feeling a little bit like our pumpkins, haha!

We still need to finish up the tiny pig pumpkins, but my boys have sure had fun with these Angry Birds pumpkins this year. I found a free Angry Birds printable that made painting the faces much easier.
Do you have your pumpkins ready?


  1. Angry Birds Font….. feast of flesh ( I would cut & paste the link but dont know how to cut & paste on the apple…. Hope this helps with banners!

  2. Cool Pumpkins… looks a lot cleaner than the carving mess. Our school doesn’t even let the kids dress up. Rebecca insisted we make some candy corn pizza last night. So yummy! She said she’s so sad that Halloween is over because we didn’t eat very many cool foods. Maybe she needs to come live at your house for a while:)

  3. Love your angry birds pumpkins! I have a pumpkin sitting on the floor of my kitchen, I am thinking it is not getting carved this year but we will see!

  4. your pumpkins are awesome, makes me think painting is more fun, and there are tons of things that can be painted on them. We just carved our with simple faces. Happy Halloween.

  5. I love your angry bird pumpkins! We painted some and carved some. They are all ready! I sure hope our Halloween parade isn’t like that this afternoon….not fun!

  6. The Party Animal says:

    OMG those are amazing !! LOVE LOVE LOVE.

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