Broken Mirror Into Frame {Kitchen Decor}

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Last week started out so great. The boys were out of school. The weather was perfect. I was actually able to spray paint and get a few projects done. It was warm enough that I could finally take Rachel out and I was able to see my son’s baseball game. Things were marvelous. And then all of the sudden out of the blue, on Wednesday I came down with a nasty cold/flu. What the heck? Who gets sick during the summer? Apparently me. Spent the rest of the week down and out. Didn’t get a single thing accomplished. And of course spent no time on the computer because just looking at the screen made me dizzy.

This week I am feeling much better. I just have an annoying lingering cough. But I am excited that I can finally show you a few of the things I’ve been working on around here. Slowly but surely I am finishing my kitchen and living room makeovers.

I bought this broken mirror at a yardsale for $5. It’s been in my stash for ages. I decided it was time to put it to good use. So I pulled it out and dusted it off. Next up I worked a little magic with black spray paint. I didn’t even prime this time, just cleaned the surface really well.

Then I pulled out my wrinkly burlap scrap, ironed it, and cut a circle, using the mirror backing as a template.

I attached the burlap to the backing piece with some hot glue around the edges. Then I thought to myself “Dang, this burlap is still pretty darn wrinkled. I should have ironed it better.” So I tried to iron it after the fact, which was a little tricky because of the hot glue. So take a lesson from me and iron really well the first time. Sheesh!

Here is what the mirror frame looks like with the burlap inside.

At this point, you could put anything in the frame. A vinyl monogram, a barn star, a wooden monogram, a starfish. . . whatever your little heart desires. I have a wooden spoon that belonged to my grandma, who passed away when I was just a baby. I thought it would be fun to frame it and hang it in my kitchen. I’m told that she loved cooking just like I do. I sure wish I could have known her.

I wanted it to have some color, so I wrapped the spoon with a red ribbon, then hot glued it to the burlap. Here is the finished product:

A nice ending for an old broken mirror, doncha think?



  1. And a loving tribute to Grandma to boot!

  2. Love that idea! That just inspired a project for me!

  3. Saw this on Whipperberry! Love it!

  4. This is adorable!

  5. this is cool. I did the same thing myself with an old mirror. I should take some pics. thanks for the inspiration. 🙂

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