How To Transform Rusty Metal Patio Furniture the Easy Way!

This Rusty Metal Patio Chair Makeover was part of the porch nook sprucing up that I showed you last week. I wanted to share some tips for how to paint rusty metal patio furniture. It’s easy if you have the right tools! Several years ago we picked up some metal patio furniture at a yard sale. I […]

DIY Spray Paint Decor Balls

I finished up one more decorating project for my living room. I’ve got a little table that has a shelf on the bottom. I have a pedestal bowl that I wanted to use. I just needed something to fill it up. I saw these hemp ball accents over at Make It and Love It. Ashley […]

Valentine’s Day Craft- Number Plate

I meant to get my winter decor out a couple weeks ago. But the hallway wainscoting took longer than I thought, so I have decided to skip ahead to Valentine’s Day. Because then instead of looking like I’m behind, I will totally look like I am organized and ahead of the game. Who’s with me? […]

Fireplace Makeover {Spray Paint Magic}

If you read my blog at all, you know how much I love spray paint. I don’t think I could live without it. Well maybe I could, but my life would be a lot more boring. And ugly. I’ve spruced up so many things with spray paint that I’ve lost track! And now I have […]

Monogrammed Knife Block

My kitchen decorating project continues to crawl along. Hopefully by the time spring is here and I can get my cabinets painted, I will have all my decorations ready. At least that’s what I’m hoping. We’ve had warmer weather lately, and it has been awesome because I’ve finally been able to spray paint again. Woohoo! […]

Decorating with Spray Paint. . . and a Bucket.

We had a few warm days last week, so of course I took the opportunity to do some spray painting. I know, I’m slightly insane. Some people look forward to spring so they can start gardening. I look forward to spring because it means I can spray paint at any time of day without freezing […]

Dollar Store Antiqued Plaque Tutorial

Fall has hit here in our little town. I can see the mountains from my craft room window and the trees are gorgeous!!! I love fall. Unfortunately, here in Utah it seems likes fall lasts about one week, and then the snow hits and we’re freezing our patootskies off. OK, that may be a bit […]

DIY Table Refinish–Spray Paint Style

Our living room is nowhere near being finished. Why is it that everything takes longer than I think it will? I’ve run out of paint, nails, tape, and even tiny things like screws. All at different times, which means multiple trips to the hardware store. So frustrating! But I am sloooowly making progress. Today I […]