Come Unto Christ {Free Printable Poster for LDS Young Womens}

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I think that most of you know that I am LDS. I am the Young Women’s President, which means I am in charge of a group of girls ages 12-18. Fifty of them. Yes, I know that’s a lot. 🙂 Last week we held a New Beginnings program, and I created a poster to use for one of the table centerpieces.

 I was thrilled when we went with an aqua blue color for our decor, because I love it!  “Come Unto Christ” is our theme for the entire year, so we will be using this framed poster every Sunday on our table in opening exercises. I love having something pretty on the table! lds-young-womens-come-unto-christ

Do you love my photoshopping skills?  My friend took this photo, and in the background women and girls were leaned over a table working on a blanket. I was pretty sure they wouldn’t be thrilled to see their backsides displayed to the world, so I edited everything black. I hope they appreciate it, because since I don’t know what I’m doing, it took forever!

I am making the free printable available for any of you who would like to use it. Because I didn’t want all that hard work to only be displayed once! 😉
I had my poster printed at Costco, then I put it in a frame that I painted white. I made it to fit an 11×14″ frame, but you can print it smaller if you’d prefer. I think it would be just lovely in small frames as a lesson handout or birthday gift.
Here’s the link: Come Unto Christ Printable Poster
I hope you enjoy it!

I was inspired by these Come Unto Christ invitations at All Things Bright and Beautiful. Thanks Courtney!


  1. I would like to use this as a gift for our young women but I cannot figure out how I can have it printed at Costco. I can only save it on my computer. I can’t send it as a photo or any other file. Any tips?

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