Tip for Saving Money {Cheap Bag Clips}

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I don’t know about you, but I am always on the lookout for ways to save money. Life is expensive, and danggit, it ain’t gettin’ any cheaper the older my kids get!

Today I’m sharing a little tip for saving money on bag clips. I’ve been doing this for like years. So long in fact, that I didn’t even think about what a good idea it is until a friend noticed it. When she commented how genius it was, my blogger brain immediately thought “hmm, I should probably share this with my readers.” 🙂save-money-tips

For years I forked out lots of cash for all kinds of bag clips. Those things can be expensive! You’ve all probably used bag clips similar to these:
saving-money-on-bag-clipsThey work fine, but we broke a lot of them, and I was constantly replacing them. One day I ran out while I happened to be working on a craft project. . . with clothes pins. The light went off in my brain, and I grabbed one of those clothes pins and used it as a bag clip. It worked fabulously! And clothes pins are so cheap! You can get like 30 of them for a couple of dollars. Regular bag clips are around one to two dollars each. That is a significant savings!
saving-money-tipNow I use clothes pins for all of my bag clips. They work great on brown sugar, chocolate chips, pasta, bread, and of course chips. Unless of course you have teenage boys. Then you will have no need of bag clips for your chips, because they finish off a bag of chips in one sitting. But I digress. All you need to know is that if you want to save some money, when you need some new bag clips, pick up some clothes pins instead!
money-saving-tipWhat little tricks to you use to save money?


  1. I like your tip. It is a very good idea. I use the bag the product comes in. Just cut the top of the bag off with scissors and then tie it closed using the strip you cut off. :O) btw I really enjoy your blog.

    • That’s genius Kat! I wonder if I could get my kids to re-tie them? Hmmm, maybe not. I can barely get them to remember the clips. LOL!

  2. Cool idea! Oh I hate how easily they break, the only ones I have found that don’t are the OXO variety and they’re even MORE expensive!!!

  3. I use binder clips. My husband used to have a business out of the home that entailed lots of paper. When he went back to working for someone else they were just sitting with all the other office supplies.

    • That’s a great idea too! It’s always good to use something you already have, even if you’re finding a “creative” use for it! 🙂

  4. Great idea! A couple of years ago on Pinterest, I saw where you cut off the ends of those cheap plastic pants/skirts hangers and use those clips for chip clips. So I’ve been doing that. Works great!

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