DIY Caulking Tip

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If you are a DIY kinda gal like me, caulking is a job that you probably do all the time. It’s not the most fun job, but boy does caulking make a huge difference in the final look of your project!
Have you ever grabbed your caulk gun only to find out that the caulk in the tip has dried out? I know I sure have. Then I proceed to poke things into the end, while pulling the trigger of course. Eventually the pressure causes a bunch of caulk to shoot out, and I am left with a pile of goo. Not awesome.

I’ve tried several methods over the years for preventing the caulk from drying out, and I finally found a method that works for me. I thought I’d pass the tip on to you so that you can avoid the ever frustrating pile of caulk goo. 🙂

After you are finished with your caulk job, wipe off the tip of your caulk gun with a wet rag or paper towel. Then insert a nail with a large flat head into the end.
diy-caulk-gun-tipAfter that, wrap up the tip of the caulk with painters tape or masking tape. I use a couple of layers to make sure I get an airtight seal.
caulking-tipIf you seal the end of your caulk this way, it will be ready to go for your next caulking job. Just peel off the tape and pull out the nail, and you are all set. Happy caulking!


  1. Great tip. That’s how we do it in the painting trades. It seems common sense to us,but I guess if you don’t caulk every day how would you know? I see caulk sales going down.

  2. Ohh, this is great! Pinned it!

  3. Kara, thanks for this wonderful tip! I’ve thrown away a ton of this stuff just for this very reason.

    • I know how you feel. We’ve wasted tube after tube in the past. Wish I would have thought of this sooner! 🙂

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