DIY Tip: How To Drill Holes the Same Depth

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If you are a do-it-yourself girl like me, sometimes you need to drill holes for a project. I needed to drill holes in my piece of baseboard for the necklace holder I made last week. I didn’t want the hole to go all the way through the back of the wood, so I used this handy trick:

Determine the depth that you want your hole to be. (Mine was 1/2″.) Then wrap a piece of tape around your drill bit with the bottom edge at the place you want to stop. So mine is 1/2 inch from the bottom. I like to wrap several layers of tape so there is more of an edge to catch on the wood.
drill-holesNow when you drill into your wood, the drill bit will catch when it hits the edge of the tape. Make sure you go slowly though, just to make sure it stops where you want it you are all done, you will have holes in your wood that are the perfect depth!
diy-tip-drill-holesIsn’t that handy? Now you know how to drill holes without going through the back of your wood! It’s nice when you are gluing something in the hole, or when you just don’t want holes to show up on the other side of your project.


  1. Lynn Hewell says:

    Masking tape works great. Leave a short flap of the tape sticking out away from the bit. When you reach the desired depth, the flap will brush the sawdust away. Viola.

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