Easter Egg Resurrection Lesson – He Is Risen Printable

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This Easter Egg Resurrection Lesson is sponsored by mormon.org as part of their Easter #PrinceofPeace campaign.  I hope you will love this Easter lesson as much as my family does!

Easter Egg Resurrection lesson and free printable - He is Risen. A perfect Easter lesson for kids.

Easter is such a fun holiday for kids, and my family looks forward to it every year. As much as I love the egg hunts, the coloring of Easter eggs, and the yummy food, I really strive as a mother to help my children understand the reason why we celebrate Easter – Jesus Christ. On that third day, the tomb was empty. He lives. And because he conquered death, all of us can live again. What a miracle!

Easter Egg Resurrection Lesson - Christ centered Easter idea - Help kids understand the true meaning of Easter with this Easter lesson.

This resurrection lesson has been an Easter tradition in my family for years. It is a great way to help the scriptures come alive, even for small children. I am grateful to my mom who taught me to love the scriptures from a very young age. She and my dad taught me the stories, and the principles that went along with them.

As a teenager when my family was going through rough times, my mom would turn to the scriptures for comfort. In fact, I remember that she would sometimes lock herself in the bathroom so she could read uninterrupted! Maybe she wouldn’t want people to know that, but it sure made an impact on me. So sorry mom, your secret is out.

If like me, you are striving to teach your kids to love the scriptures and the Savior, this lesson is for you.

This fun Easter lesson is a great way to teach kids about Christ's resurrection. Great for family or Sunday School lessons.

To make your own Easter lesson, just follow the instructions below.

Resurrection Lesson with Easter Eggs

-12 plastic Easter eggs
-small cracker, play coins or dimes, knotted twine, small piece of soap, piece of red fabric, nail, pair of dice, rocks & soil, piece of white cloth, round stone, whole cloves
-Copy of  Easter Egg Resurrection Lesson

– Number the eggs from one to twelve.
-Cut out the strips of paper and roll up. Place each object and strip of paper in the corresponding egg.
-Have kids take turns opening the eggs and reading the scripture inside.

Help the story of Easter come alive with this resurrection lesson. Great for fostering a Christ centered Easter.

I have also included a free printable that you can print off and place in your home.

Free Easter Printable - He Is Risen!

It’s a great visual reminder about why we are celebrating Easter.


He Is Risen Easter lesson with free printable

Download the printable art below:

He Is Risen


Easter Egg Resurrection Lesson and free printable Easter art - He is Risen! Christ centered Easter ideas

I hope this helps you have a more meaningful Easter season with your family! To see even more ideas for coming closer to Jesus Christ and finding peace, check out mormon.org. Happy Easter!


  1. I LOVE your speckled easter eggs. My mom had those growing up. Where did you find yours? I have been hunting for years for some like that but I guess they arent the style anymore LOL.

  2. Amy kesselring says:

    The attachment is locked for other people. No one can access the lesson attachment you included

  3. This looks great…but the link doesn’t work! 🙁

    • Sorry it didn’t work. I’ve tried both the link to the lesson and the art, and they both seem fine. Which one didn’t work for you?

  4. I included this great lesson in my Primary Easter lesson round-up at https://www.loveprayteach.com/articles/20170408_3 Thank you!

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