Easiest Ever Ruffle Wreath!

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If you can sew a straight stitch, you can make this easy ruffle wreath! Seriously, this is one of the fastest wreaths I have ever put together. I made mine pink for Rachel’s room, but you can make it in any color. Even white would be pretty. I didn’t embellish mine, but you could add a bow or some flowers if you wanted. You will have some beautiful new home decor in under an hour. It doesn’t get better than that!Instructions for making a super easy Ruffle Wreath

You can make one of these easy ruffle wreaths in about 30 minutes!

Easy Ruffle Wreath Tutorial

Metal hanger (or really thick wire)
Wire cutters
Fabric strips
Sewing machine and thread
Hot glue gun
Ribbon or thread for hanging


Cut the handle off of the wire hanger. Form the remaining wire into a circle. Mine was 8″ in diameter. Wrap the ends of the wire around the circle to secure them. Yes, this does take a little bit of muscle. You can use pliers if you need to. This was definitely the most difficult step for me. It’s easy peasy from here on out!
 Wreath TutorialTear or cut strips of fabric 3″ wide by 45″ long. (Or however long your fabric is from selvage to selvage.) The length doesn’t matter as much as the width. You can use longer or shorter strips. Set your stitch length to the longest stitch available, and stitch down the middle of the fabric strip. Carefully pull one of the threads to gather. If you prefer, you can just sew the running stitch by hand.
Easiest Ruffle Wreath Ever!Flip the gathered strip upside down, and use hot glue to attach it to the wire. Just squeeze a little glue along the gather, then adjust the fabric till the gather and the wire line up. That will ensure that your wreath will be perfectly even and circle shaped.

How to make a quick ruffle wreath. So pretty!Just keep adding ruffle strips till all your wire is covered. This is what it looked  like from the front when I was about halfway done.

You can make this pretty ruffle wreath in about an hour!And here it is all finished! See, I told you it was easy!
Quick and easy wreath with ruffles

My finished wreath ended up being about 11″ across, but you can make yours any size. If you want to go really big, I’d make the fabric strips a little wider.

If sewing really isn’t your thing, you might like this Interchangeable Book Page Wreath.
You switch out the center for different seasons!


  1. I was just brainstorming on how I could practice my ruffling, and this popped into my bloglovin’ feed – wonderful! I have everything on hand already and am adding this to my projects list. Thanks!

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