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These Gathered Fabric Flowers are easy to make, and so cute! A great way to use up fabric scraps.

Easy Gathered Flowers Tutorial

Hello peeps! Time for another fabric flower tutorial. This one is really simple, but I had someone ask how to make them, so I figured there are probably at least a couple of you that might be interested in a step by step. They come together really quickly.

The fun part is embellishing the center. There are so many cute options out there. I show you a few options at the end of the post. Have fun!
tutorial-fabric flowers to make

How To Make a Gathered Fabric Flower

Strip of fabric about 1″ wide
Needle and thread
Embellishment for the center of the flower

1- Tear a strip of fabric about 1″ wide by 30-36″ long.
tutorial-fabric flowers to make2-Tie a sturdy knot in the end of your thread and start gathering one edge of the fabric. The stitches don’t need to be perfect.
tutorial-fabric flowers to make3-Sew all the way along the edge. When you get to the end, pull the thread to gather the fabric. Tie a knot at the end, but DO NOT cut the thread.
tutorial-fabric flowers to make4-Now start wrapping the fabric around the center, forming a circle.
tutorial-fabric flowers to make5-Keep wrapping the fabric around itself in layers. When you are done it should look something like this:
gathered fabric flowers tutorial6-Now it’s time to stitch it all together. You should still have your long thread attached. Take the needle and come up on one side of the middle hole; then go down on the opposite side. Continue stitching around the circle till the ruffles stay in place.
tutorial-fabric flowers to make
7-When you are done, flip it upside down and tie a knot. Make sure it is secured really well.
tutorial- gathered fabric flowers to make for hair clips8-Almost finished! Now all you have to do is add a center. I’ve used brads, buttons, rosettes, and fabric covered buttons.  You can either sew or hot glue them on, whichever you prefer.
For this one I just pushed a large brad through the middle, then opened the clasps on the back. Easy peasy! I attached this flower to a dish towel clip, hence the fabric strip at the bottom. Pretend you don’t see it. Thank you. 🙂
tutorial- gathered fabric flowers to makeIf you want to use it as a hair clip, just hot glue a circle of felt on the back and hot glue an alligator clip on the back.

Here are a few others I’ve made. I like stitching them up while watching movies with the kiddos. Or waiting at the dentist’s office. Or pretty much anytime I’ve got to sit still. I’m crazy like that.


  1. thanks, I was trying to make these myself this morning, and your instructions have just saved me a bunch of time! Thanks so much. This is a wonderful site!

  2. Super cute Kara–and perfect for Christmas!

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