Halloween Decor- Black and White Pumpkins

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I am gradually getting my Halloween decor up. I am concentrating on my entry table, because that is what everyone sees when they come to the door. Last year I pretty much just skipped the Halloween decor on my entry table and went straight to the fall decor. This year my boys asked if I was going to decorate for Halloween, so I decided to come up with something a little more creepy. Because quite honestly, I was surprised they even noticed. Who woulda thought?
I am going with a black and white theme, which I have never done before. I usually throw in some orange, but I thought it might be fun to try just classic black and white. So far I am loving it. I just have a few more things to complete, and then I will reveal the whole display.
My latest project was some black and white pumpkins. I am loving how they turned out!
They were super easy to make. I started with some foam/plastic pumpkins that I already had on hand. I taped off the stems and spray painted them white. Then I just cut several lengths of ribbon and hot glued them down the ribs of the pumpkins. To finish them off I tied a black ribbon around the stem. Easy peasy!

Have you ever used a black and white theme for Halloween decorating, or do you stick strictly with the traditional colors?


  1. These are as cute as can be!!

  2. I am very happy that I found your page. Greetings from Croatia, I didint watched everthing, but after this message Ill go and except some of your advices. :**

  3. Extra, great

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