Halloween Food Idea: Witch Brooms

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I’m warning you right now that this is not really a recipe. It is much to easy to be called that. But it is a really cute idea, so I’m sharing it anyway.

A few years ago one of the parents in my sons class only wanted healthy treats at the Halloween party. I know. Totally lame. Halloween is the one holiday that is totally about candy. Take that away and it’s just a creepy night with people dressing up and acting like idiots. But whatever. I had to come up with something healthy that wasn’t totally boring. I know that compared to broccoli, these aren’t right up there on the list of most nutritious foods, but they do beat candy corn and M&M’s. 😉
halloween idea

Halloween Witch Brooms

Here is what you need:
Pretzel Sticks
Fruit Roll Ups
Scissors or kitchen shears

Here is what you do:

1-Unroll your fruit roll-ups and cut them into 1″ strips.
2-Use the scissors to cut fringe along one edge, making sure you don’t cut all the way to the top.
3-Place the end of the pretzel on the top edge of the roll up and start rolling it.

4-Keep rolling. Roll it all the way to the end and pinch the top together to seal it.

5-Fan the strips out a little so it looks more like a broom.
6– Now make up a bunch of them. They look cuter in groups. 😉

-I made these with mini pretzel sticks this time because it’s what I had. If you are serving a crowd, it is probably better to use the large pretzel rods so you don’t have to make as many. Just cut your fruit roll ups wider.

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