How To Make Layered Paper Flowers

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I finished up another decoration for my kitchen. I’m not going to tell you what it is yet, but here’s a little clue:
paper flower-tutorialI know, I’m such a tease. Any guesses what it is?
I’m working on a tutorial, but realized I should break it into two tutorials because it was getting quite lengthy. Before you can make the actual project, you need to know how to make paper flowers. It’s really simple, but I figured some of you might not be sure how to do it, so I thought I’d walk you through it. And don’t worry, I’ll show you the actual project and how to make it later this week. 🙂

How To Make Layered Paper Flowers

Start with paper. Duh. You can use card stock, scrapbook paper, wrapping paper, any kind of paper.
I decided to use book pages. They are all the rage now, and I jumped right on the bandwagon. I bought an old book at my local library for 10 cents. Cheap!

First you want to cut your paper into various sizes of circles. You can use punches, die cut machines, your Silhouette, or the old fashioned method of tracing and cutting with scissors. If you are cutting by hand, you could make your shapes wavy instead of perfectly round, and that looks great too. Also, to save time, trace the circles on one sheet of paper, but cut though a stack of 3-4 at a time.

After I have my circles all cut, I line them up according to size. I’m OCD like that.
paper flower-tutorialNext you want to ink the edges to add some dimension. I used black ink.

paper flower-tutorialNow stack your circles on top of each other and poke a hole in the middle.
paper flower-tutorialI used these:
paper flower-tutorial
Now stick a brad through the middle and you are finished. Cute, huh?
paper flower-tutorial
You can make them all different sizes, with any amount of layering that you like:

Here’s a little trick I’ve learned. If you don’t have the right color of brads, you can make your own. Using my favorite pal spray paint of course. Just poke your brads through a piece of styrofoam to hold them in place. Then spray paint them whatever color you need. I changed a bunch of lavender brads into black ones with just a couple coats of spray paint. Cheap, easy, and much quicker than having to wait to run to the store. Score!!


  1. How do you “ink” the edges? I am new at this.

  2. HI. I make hair bows and accessories from infant to woman. Just recently I came up with the same design for a flower hair bow (that’s why I was attracted to your finished product which I commented on). I use raw edges so it will fray. I use staymen for the centers. I use contrasting fabric with bright colors. They’re cute, I think. I make them into headbands or brooches. I think I’ll try making them without fraying the edges and see how they turn out.


  3. These are so beautiful! Just wanted to tell you I gave you the stylish blogger award…if you want to participate, copy/paste the award into your blog and have some fun. No biggie if not though, it’s all for fun!

    L @ The Treasurista

  4. These are great! So simplistic. Thanks for sharing … I’ll be linking.

  5. Very pretty! I love making things from paper 🙂

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