Layered Felt Flower Tutorial

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Thanks for all your kind comments about my frustration over my SD card. Sounds like I’m not the only one that’s lost photos when a card committed suicide. I’ve got a new card, and my card reader is working again, so we’re back in business! Hooray!

I’m on a flower making kick lately. Maybe because everything outside is dead or covered in snow. Since I can’t see any flowers when I look out my window, I’m filling my house with them. And as a bonus, handmade flowers don’t need water, so even I can’t kill them. 😉

These little layered felt flowers are super easy to make, and oh so cute.
I love crafting with felt because it’s easy to work with and the edges don’t fray. I made another felt flower tutorial last year, and I still love it, but this one is even easier. Ready for the super simple instructions?

Layered Felt Flower Tutorial

-sturdy thread and needle
-tiny beads
-sharp scissors

-Cut a tiny little round-ish shape. I think they look much cuter if they aren’t perfect circles, so you don’t even need a pattern.
-Take the piece you just cut and place it on top of another scrap of felt. Use it as a guide to cut your second layer slightly larger.
-Repeat the process till you have the size of flower you want. Mine are 5 layers.
-Stack all your pieces together and sew a few beads on top. The stitching holds everything in place and adds a little bling all at the same time.

layered felt flower tutoriallayered felt flower-tutorialAfter you have them finished, you can use them on just about anything. I added them to a Valentine’s day banner (that I will be sharing tomorrow), and I’ve made them into cute little hair clips.  Just line an alligator clip with ribbon and hot glue them on top. You can even add a few leaves if you want. Here are a few I’ve made:
felt flower-tutorialI found a photo of Rachel wearing one last summer. So cute!!
layered felt flower-tutorial



  1. what kind of felt do you use?

  2. Wanda @ No Place Like Home says

    How adorable! What an easy craft and they turn out so cute. Thanks for posting that tutorial.

  3. Those are so cute! I love the look of felt. Rachel is adorable! I bet she’s getting so big.

  4. These are super cute and so is baby!!

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