Felt Valentine Banner {Valentine’s Day Decor}

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Hello peeps!
It’s time for another month of The Creative Carousel!
Valentine's DayThis months theme is Valentine’s Day. Fitting, no?

Here’s my project:

Felt Valentine’s Day Banner

-Tiny beads
-Fabric scraps
-Tulle or ribbon
-Heat and Bond
-Iron, glue gun
-Scissors, needle, and thread
-Yarn or ribbon

Draw heart shape. (I use the fold a piece of paper in half and cut half a heart method.) Trace your heart onto the paper side of some heat and bond. You buy it at the fabric store and it comes on a roll. They sell both light duty (that you can sew through) and heavy duty (which you can’t.) Either kind will work for this project.
valentine banner-tutorial
Set your iron to medium heat and iron the heat and bond onto the wrong side of your fabric. It only takes 4-5 seconds.
valentine banner-tutorialNow cut out your hearts with a pair of sharp fabric scissors. Fabric on the front, paper on the back.
valentine banner-tutorialNow for the cool part. You should be able to just pull that paper off, leaving a shiny back of meltable gluey stuff. Meltable gluey stuff is the actual technical term I’m pretty sure. 😉 Tip: If the paper doesn’t pull of easily, just iron it for a few more seconds, let it cool, and try again.
valentine banner-tutorialNow place your heart onto a piece of felt and iron it in place. This time iron it for 10-20 seconds to make sure you get a really good bond. Tip: Don’t just hold your iron in one place. Those little holes for steam won’t melt the glue, so you want to move your iron so you get good adhesion.
valentine banner-tutorialCut out your heart, leaving as much of a border as you like.
valentine banner-tutorialIf you want, you can add a ribbon to the middle. I used tulle, but ribbon or fabric would be cute too.
valentine banner-tutorialNow sit down, watch a chick flick, and make up a bunch of felt flowers that I showed you yesterday.
 felt flower-tutorialWhen you have as many hearts and flowers as you need, just glue them to a piece of yarn or ribbon. Tip: If you glue the yarn close to the top, the hearts and flowers will lay flat instead of flipping forward.

Here’s a close up:
valentines day bannerYou can use different colors of felt and fabric to match your decor/personality. So many options. If you make one, pretty please let me know. I’d love to see it!

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  1. Lynda Hidalgo says

    awesome.. going out now to get supplies.. too cute and simple.. ty for sharing!

  2. amanda at every creative endeavor says

    So cute Kara! I love the way this turned out and how fun to add the rosettes to the middle – darling!

  3. Donna Huisinga says

    Such a cute idea and I love the felt flowers intermixed. I am pinning this.

  4. Very cute Kara! I love it. 🙂

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