LDS Young Women Handout: Depend on the Savior

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Here is another free printable for a handout I made for Young Womens.  We used it for our New Beginnings program, but it could also be used with any lesson about the Savior. I had to make over 40 of them, so we used M&M’s because we couldn’t find Dots in large quantities at the time. Any round candy will do. Enjoy!lds-young-women-handout
Click below to download the free printable:

LDS Young Women Handout: Depend on the Savior

All you have to do is print the tags on cardstock, cut them out, and attach them to bags of candy with curling ribbon. Easy and cute!


  1. Love this idea, would you mind sharing with me what else you did for your New Beginnings with this theme?

    • I had planned on sharing the whole evening, but I forgot to bring my camera, so that was a bummer! Here’s what I can remember. Our colors were black, hot pink, and white.
      We used pink tablecloths and cut a bunch of circles in pink, white, and black to put in the middle of them. On top of that we had tall pillar candles wrapped with pink paper, then black and white polka dot paper, then tied with a pink ribbon.
      For food we had a bunch of small round foods: cake pops, peanut butter balls, rice crispy treats rolled in balls, and tiny chocolate chip cookies.
      Hope that helps. I really wish I had some photos to share with you!

  2. I am trying to print out this darling “depend on the Savior” and it is printing yellow? do you know what the problem may be? I have copied into word and also printed straight from your download, but it comes out yellow. Thank you,

  3. Love it!! We used ‘D.O.T.S.’ as our New Beginnings theme this year too. Your handouts turned out adorable!

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