Makeup Tip– How To Make Your Mascara Last Longer

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I think this is the first time that I have ever blogged about anything fashion or beauty related. I am definitely NOT an expert in those fields. Most days I wear jeans a t-shirt, and an paint splattered apron. My favorite shoes are a hideously ugly pair of pink crocs that I love because they are super comfortable. I can count the pieces of jewelry I own with one hand. I don’t even have pierced ears. I buy most of my make-up at the drug store or Walmart. So you know that if I’m posting a beauty/make-up tip, it must be a good one! 🙂makeup-tip, mascara-tip

I’ve seen this idea all over Pinterest, and I have no idea who the original pinner was. But it is a great tip. I’ve been using it for months, and it really works!

You know how after using your mascara for awhile, it starts to dry out? But you know dang well that there is still plenty of mascara down in that little tube. It’s just all clumpy, so you toss it out. And have to fork out more money for new mascara. 🙁

Well now you can make that little tube of mascara last a lot longer. All you have to do is take some contact saline solution and add a few drops. I usually add 2-3. Be careful not to let the tip of the saline solution bottle touch your mascara tube. You don’t want to contaminate either one!beauty-tip, makeup-tipThen stick the wand back in the tube and wiggle it all around to stir up and moisten the old mascara. Voila! Your mascara will now last you a few more weeks!

Truth be told, after the few weeks, I add another couple drops of saline solution, and the mascara still works great. So you can just keep repeating this tip till your mascara is actually gone. Hooray for saving money!


  1. Don’t do it!! There is so much bacteria in mascara, you’re better off just buying a new tube. I did this and got a terrible eye infection that spread to both eyes. Puffy, red, ITCHY, swollen eyes and HUGE droopy bags under your eyes are not a good look. No contacts or makeup for me for 1 week. When I went to pick up the prescription for the teeny tiny .8 oz Tobrex ointment (the size of half my pinky) they told me “That will be $225”. JUST FOR THE OINTMENT (not including the clinic visit).

  2. It works great thanks!

  3. I have been reading note from the mascara manufacturers and bacterial contamination is a main concern of mine. They all say keep them no longer than 3 months for this reason. Many reccomend washing the mascara wand with bacterial soap to cut down on bacteria, which makes sense to me. After you wash the wand and rinse it well I could imagine that you could wet the wand with saline before you put it back into the tube. This would help put moisture in the mascara so it is less clumpy. Hope this helps a little. All the makeup manufacturers reccomend that you put the date you open a cosmetic on the bottom of it with sharpie. By doing that you know how old a cosmetic is so you replace at reccomended times to avoid infections from bacteria. Also wash your cosmetic brushes often for the same reason.

  4. I hope you take the $8 you save by doing this and put it toward the optometrist’s bill when you get an eye infection. The bacteria that live on your lashes get deposited into that tube of mascara, grow in there, and get a free ride on the mascara wand back to your eye where they can cause infections.

  5. Not going to do this but I’m just curious. Could you use saline soulution from like a hospital? Like what they use to flush an IV out with?

  6. Can you use expired solution ?

    • I’d say that’s just a personal choice. I would use it because the mascara doesn’t actually touch your eye. But if you want to be on the totally safe side, maybe you shouldn’t.

  7. I didn’t have contact lens saline but being in the desert I have bottles of saline nasal spray. It works great too.

  8. Omg amazing tip! I was just going to go out and get a new bottle, now I don’t have to!

  9. Also using saline makes an amazing stay put eyeliner if you mix it with eyeshadow! Just dip add a drop or two of saline and load your brush up with your favorite color and use it as liner!

    • That would be great for those times when all you have left is a bunch of powder and small pieces of eyeshadow left. I’ll have to try it!

  10. Remember mascara should never be “pumped” to get more product out. The wand forces air into the container and oxidation of the product is what causes drying. Mascara is usually expired between four and six months but if you are pumping the mascara it will cause it to dry out and expire faster. Love your tutorials!!!!

    Chelsea Parker
    Stylist/makeup artist

  11. Great to know! I bought some mascara a few weeks ago and it seemed dry and it would clump up, from day one. Makes me so mad, because it’s not cheap. I will be trying this tips. Thank you for sharing.

  12. Love this! My mascara tube is just at that point and I had the thought just yesterday that I needed to be sure to buy another tube. So glad you shared your tip because I can put that off a bit longer now! Those little tubes sure don’t last long and are far too pricey for what you get. This is a perfect save!

  13. By the way, have you tried shredding your cooked chicken breasts in the KithenAid? That is probably my favorite Pinterest tip ever. Just make sure you keep it on the lowest level or you’ll end up with chicken mush. Not like I did that or anything! Lol!

  14. I just bought new mascara today. I’ll have to try this for sure. Thanks!

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