Onesies with Ruffles

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Here is the tutorial that I meant to publish yesterday. My photo card was acting up, and I couldn’t upload the last few pictures. So frustrating! Luckily I found an old one and was able to re-take the photos.

I am going to show you how to embellish a onesie with ruffles. Because a girl can never have too many ruffles, especially a baby girl! I decided to split this tutorial into two posts. Today I will show you how to add the ruffles to the neck. Next week I will show you how to add a skirt to the onesie, making it a onesie dress. I am loving these!
ruffle onesie-tutorial
Onesie with Ruffles Tutorial

1-Start with a onesie:
ruffle onesie-tutorial2-First we are going to measure the neck of the onesie. I find it easiest to use a piece of string or yarn.
Start on the edge of the sleeve, where you want the ruffle to start:
ruffle onesie-tutorialWrap the string around the back, and then over to the other sleeve:
Then cut the string.
3-Repeat for the front of the onesie neck. This part is hard to explain but I’ll do my best. You don’t want too much bulk, so you want the front ruffle to just go under the top ruffle, not all the way to the back of the onesie shoulder. So just measure barely under where that top piece overlaps. I can’t figure out how to put a stinkin’ arrow on the photo, but basically start measuring just up underneath where my periods show up. (See step #10) Make sense?
ruffle onesie-tutorialMy strings measured approx. 6″ and 8 1/4″.
ruffle onesie-tutorial4-Now you need to cut the fabric for the ruffle. I did mine 3 inches wide and about twice the length of the string.
5-Now fold each of them in half and sew a straight stitch up the long side. (Don’t iron the crease.)
6-Now turn both tubes right side out and iron them with the seam in the middle.
7-Now you need to gather the fabric. Sew a running stitch down the middle of each one. You can hand stitch, or use the longest stitch on your sewing machine.

8-Now pull the string to gather the fabric. Keep pulling until the fabric ends up one inch longer than your original measurement. Mine was 6″, so I want my ruffle to be 7″ long.
9-Now fold each end under 1/2″ and sew across to tack down.
10-Now it’s time to sew the ruffle in place. Hopefully now step #3 will make sense. See how I don’t have the ruffle going all the way to that back seam? It starts about an inch in front of it on both sides. Pin the ruffle down really well. You are going to stitch down that middle seam, so make sure it is right on the middle of the neck binding. Sew it in place.
It will look like this when you are done:
Repeat with the other ruffle across the back of the onesie.
Now you can either embellish the front, or just leave it plain. I embellished mine because I needed to cover up the picture that was on the front.

Here’s another one I made using flannel and a yo-yo flower. So much fun!
Pretty simple, but oh so cute!


  1. Those ruffles are too cute! Super job. Thanks so much for sharing @ CCC

    “catching” you this week!

  2. Hello!! What an adorable project! I am visiting from the UBP 2011! You have some cute things here..I am your newest follower. Stop by my blog when you get a chance…see you soon!

    • Thanks Jenn! Stopped by your blog, and I am very jealous of how organized your kitchen sink cabinet is. 😉

  3. Michelle @ From the Same Nest says

    Adorable! And this is a great blog, just from the few things I’ve seen I know I love it here 🙂 Going to look around some more! Came by from UBP11 ~ Stop by our blog when you have a moment!

    Michelle @ FTSN

  4. Kristina @ A Home Made by Kiki says

    Stopping by from the UBP! I love meeting new bloggers….especially mom bloggers…so stop by and visit if you get the chance! I’m your newest follower! I agree…never have too many ruffles!

  5. This is just adorable and such a good idea!

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