Organization Tip: Tackling the Power Cords Under Your Computer

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organizing-tipLike most of the civilized world, I spend a lot of my time in January attempting to organize everything in my life from my pantry to my daily schedule. So today I am sharing an organization tip that is super simple but makes a huge difference. Do you have a computer in your home? Unless you live under a rock, the answer is probably yes. It’s hard to live without them these days. We have three, and we use them for work, blogging, shopping, homework, entertainment, and dozens of other things. I love my computer!

Here’s what I don’t love. The jumbled mess of cords involved. The computer in our kitchen area has always bugged the heck out of me because of the jillions of cords tangled all up underneath the desk. So ugly, and so hard to vacuum under! Well thanks to this organizing tip from my friend Leanne over at Organize and Decorate Everything, our cords are now out of the way. Hooray!

This is what our desk used to look like. (Kind of. My husband was so quick to utilize this trick that I didn’t even get a chance to take a before photo. Enjoy my awesome photoshopping skills.)
organizing-cordsTo get rid of all that cord nastiness, all you need is a wire basket and a few screw hooks.  I got my basket at the Dollar Store.
organization-tipMy husband used four screw hooks to hang the basket to the wood underneath our desk area. Easy peasy.
organize-cordsNow all of that mess is contained in the basket, up and out of sight. Yay! 🙂
how-to-organize-cordsThis space is so much more functional now, because the chair legs don’t get tangled in cords, and you can get to the floor to actually sweep up dust and crumbs. Not to mention that it looks at least 10x better.
organizing-tipHooray for easy organization projects!


  1. Elaine Pelletier says:

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  2. Sherry Havira says:

    Kara, I do not sew well but I am totally excited about making this rag quilt! I have many scraps of favorite material and can’t wait to see it all put together for my new grandbaby due in August…so I have a while! Thanks for the easy instructions.

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