Tiny Ruffle Skirt Tutorial

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Tiny Ruffle Skirt Tutorial – a tiny ruffle in the middle of this skirt makes it so cute! It’s easy to make with this step by step tutorial!

Thankfully, despite the influence of four older brothers, Rachel still likes to dress like a girly girl. So ruffles are a must! I love sewing skirts because not only are they stinking cute, they are easy to sew. I came up with a pattern for this tiny ruffle skirt after seeing something similar in a nearby shop. It was so easy that I actually whipped up two of them, and you can see the other skirt at the bottom of the post. She loves both of them!

Tiny Ruffle Skirt Tutorial ~ Creations by Kara

Disclaimer: This skirt fits Rachel, and she is three. I have included additional sizes, but I had to guesstimate based on measurements I found on other patterns I have. Feel free to adjust the length and waistband to fit the lucky girl who will be wearing one of your handmade skirts!

Tiny Ruffle Skirt Tutorial

Supplies for a size 3-4 skirt
-1/3 yard of fabric for top of skirt
-3/4 yard for bottom of skirt
-1/3 yard of fabric for ruffle
-3/4″ wide elastic
-thread, scissors, pins, needles, crochet thread, safety pin, iron

Prewash, dry, and iron your fabric, then cut out all the pieces.

*For size 3-4:
Skirt top: 5” x 32″
Skirt bottom: 2 pieces 8” x 27″ each
Ruffle: 2 pieces 4” x 27″ each
16″ long piece of 3/4″ wide elastic for waistband
(for more sizes, scroll to the bottom of the post)
*If you would like a shorter or longer skirt, you can adjust the length as desired by changing the numbers in italics.

Place the two skirt bottom pieces right sides together. Pin down one of the short edges and sew together with a 1/2″ seam.
ruffle-skirt-tutorialPress the seam open.
tiny-ruffle-skirtNow hem the bottom edge of the skirt. Fold the edge in about 1/4″, and press all the way across. Then fold it over another 1/4″ and press again.
skirt-hemStitch all the way across, staying close to the inner folded edge.
skirt-tutorialPlace the ruffle strips right side together and sew down the short side. Press the seam open.
ruffle-skirt-patternFold the ruffle strip in half wrong sides together and press.
sewing-girls-ruffle-skirtNow sew a gathering stitch along the raw edge of the ruffle piece and the top edge of the skirt bottom. To use my favorite method, you can check out my Ruffle Tutorial.
Girls-ruffle-skirtMatch up the gathered edge of the ruffle to the bottom edge of the skirt top piece (right sides together.)  Gather to fit, then pin and sew a basting stitch across the whole thing.
adding a Ruffle to a SkirtMatch the gathered edge of the skirt bottom to the bottom edge of the ruffle/skirt top piece, right sides together. Gather to fit, then pin and sew together using a 1/2″ seam.
make-a-ruffle-skirtFinish off the raw edges of all the fabric with a serger, pinking shears, or a zig-zag stitch. Press the ruffle toward the lower skirt piece.
how-to-sew-a-ruffle-skirtTopstitch along the edge above the ruffle.
tiny-ruffle-skirtSew up the side seam of the skirt, using a 1/2″ seam allowance. Press seam open.
skirt-with-ruffleTo add the elastic waistband, fold the top of the skirt over about 1/4″ and press down. Fold the fabric over an inch, and press again with a hot iron.
elastic waistbandSew a running stitch along the bottom folded edge, leaving a 1-2 inch opening at the side seam.
elastic-waistbandAttach a safety pin to the edge of your elastic. Use it to feed the elastic through the opening. (Don’t let the other end slip into the hole!)
elastic-waistband-skirtWhen you get the elastic all the way around, pull it through the opening. Remove the safety pin and sew the two ends of the elastic together using a zig-zag stitch. I like to do two rows to make sure it is secure.
sew-a-skirtNow pull the elastic back through the opening and sew the gap closed. (Make sure you don’t sew through the elastic.)
skirt-patternNow all you have to do is turn it right side out. Cute, right?
Tiny Ruffle Skirt Tutorial ~ Creations by Kara
For a different look, I decided to make a skirt with the tiny ruffle in a different color. I actually think I like it better. 🙂

Ruffle Skirt Tutorial

Additional sizes:
-Remember that these sizes are just guidelines that I wrote up for you, I haven’t made skirts in these sizes yet! It’s best to sew the skirt to fit the girl, and adjust the length and waistband to fit. Also, you may need to buy more fabric for the larger sizes.

Size 5-6

Skirt top: 6 ” x 34″
Skirt bottom: 2 pieces 12″ x 29″ each
Ruffle: 2 pieces 4 1/2” x 29″ each
17″ long piece of 3/4″ wide elastic for waistband

Size 6-7
Skirt top: 7” x 34″
Skirt bottom: 2 pieces 14” x 30″ each
Ruffle: 2 pieces 4 1/2 x 30″ each
18 1/2″ long piece of 3/4″ wide elastic for waistband

Size 8-9
Skirt top: 7″ x 35″
Skirt bottom: 2 pieces 16″ x 31″
Ruffle: 2 pieces 4 1/2″ x 31″
20″ long piece of 3/4″ wide elastic for waistband

tiny ruffle skirt tutorial photo collage


  1. Kara, what a sweet little skirt! My daughter is the recipient of most of my sewing attempts, and with your clear tutorial I think I’ve found her newest skirt! I even have everything on hand already because I’ve become a bit of a fabric junkie. 🙂

    PS – Found you at SNAP’s Show and Tell. I’m your newest follower.

    • Hi Sarah! I’m always happy to “meet” a new online friend. 🙂
      Good luck with the skirt, and if you have any questions along the way, feel free to ask.

  2. So CUTE! I am SO not a great sewer but I think I might be able to try this one! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Thanks Kasey! I think that skirts are a great project for beginner sewers, so you should definitely try it! If you get stuck at any point, just let me know and I’ll answer any questions. 🙂

  3. Thank you for sharing another cute project at The Creative Exchange. I am featuring this project as well! xo, Laura

  4. Those skirts are adorable!! I need to make some for my daughter. Thanks for sharing!!

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