Tutorial: Cheap DIY Moss Spheres, Any Size!

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Did all of you have a wonderful Easter weekend? I sure did. We spent the weekend at my parents’ house, and it was fabulous to be away from the ringing phone. 🙂

My boys are on spring break this week, so of course the weather is awful. Windy, cloudy, cold, and rainy with an occasional snow flurry. Nice. We are heading south in a few days in hopes of finding some much needed sunshine.

Now that my craft boutique is finished, I have been able to work on some DIY decorating projects around the house. I am working on the area above the desk in our kitchen. I needed some moss spheres to fill a vase. I was planning on using the same method I described earlier, but I couldn’t find any balls that were small enough. So I made my own. And they were free!

Are you ready for my secret?

I wadded up some newspaper from our recycling bin. I started with a small piece and kept adding till it was the size I wanted:

diy-home decor

Next I wrapped it with masking tape so it would hold its shape. They don’t turn out perfectly round, so just squish them around till they are close.diy-home decorThen apply hot glue and start attaching moss (I got mine at the dollar store).
diy-home decor
Just keep adding glue and moss till your entire ball is covered.

diy-home decorWhen I was finished, I took mine and smashed it between my cupped hands so it would have a more smooth look.

I needed five of them:
diy-home decor
Here they are all finished.
diy-home decor
I put them in a vase I bought at the dollar store and wrapped with some ribbon. It is sitting on a candle holder that I got at the thrift store and spray painted. No one would ever guess they started with some scraps of paper. 😉


  1. Virginia Pfau says:

    Hi Kara

    Very clever Idea. As a floral designer, I would use a clear Lomey design dish on top, and make a seasonal arrangement, fresh, silk/ with some dried. The green moss with lichen covered twigs, and imagination run wild. Change the arrangement out with the occasion.


  2. they look like balls of marijuana haha!

  3. This is awesome! And no one would ever know it started out as paper. I guess one man’s trash can be that same man’s treasure!

  4. LOVE this idea! Just found you in the Tip Junkie Stumble list! This is a great post!

  5. I love this…thank you. You just saved me a ton of money!

  6. Lula Lola says:

    These are great! Love this idea! Looks really cool in your vase.

  7. Charlene @ A Virtuous Woman says:

    I love these, and they are so expensive in the stores–or maybe I’m just a cheapskate, I’m not sure, but I just can’t see paying the prices they charges for these things! I’m moving in about a week, but I can’t wait to get settled and make some for my living room!

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