Best Teacher Gift – Bag of Cash

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The best teacher gift is one that the teacher will actually use. I’ve never met a teacher who didn’t appreciate a little extra cash!

Best teacher gift - a bag of cash with printable note card. Any teacher would love this gift. Perfect for teacher appreciation or end of year gifts.


When it comes to teacher gifts, I am all about practical. No apple crafts, and definitely no mugs. I have several friends who are teachers, and after twisting their arms, they will usually tell me what gifts they actually think are the best teacher gifts. Notes of appreciation and a little extra money are always at the top of the list!

Practical gifts make the best teacher gifts, and all teachers appreciate a little cash. It might as well be in a cute gift bag!


Last year for my youngest son’s teacher, I thought it would be fun to give his teacher some cash, but I wanted to present it in a fun way. I decided to wrap up some dollar bills, tie ribbon around them, and stick ’em in a gift bag, with a cute little poem on top. It was super easy, but I know she appreciated it!

I’m sharing the printable poem in case you want to use it for your favorite teachers.

Printable poem for best teacher gift - little bundles of cash! All teachers will love this gift! Perfect for teacher appreciation.


Print out the card on cardstock, cut it out, and add it to your bag of dollar bills. Easy peasy!

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  1. I love this idea! Cash is so much more helpful and useful for teachers too. I want to do something similar. I’ve purchased a clear backpack from and want to fil the front compartment with some cash but then do a sort of pamper pack of goodies in the main compartment. This way she also has another backpack to carry some books in too (our school has a mandatory clear backpack policy). They break so easy so I figured she will never have enough 🙂 Thanks for a great article!

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