Christmas Songs Pictionary {Free Game}

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Use these printable game cards to play Christmas Songs Pictionary, or charades. Perfect for family game night, or Christmas parties!
Free printable game cards for Christmas Pictionary or charades. Great for Christmas parties or family game night!

We love playing games as a family. Our favorite thing to do on Sunday afternoons is pop a batch of popcorn and spend a couple hours playing games.  Whenever we have family get-togethers, if there’s any down time- out come the games. Sometimes things get a little (or a lot) crazy, but man are those some good memories!

Over Christmas break, my kids have lots of free time, and I don’t want them spending it in front of a screen, so we end up playing a lot of games during those two weeks. So much fun! I came up with a new game for us to play this year– Christmas Songs Pictionary.

We did a little trial run last night, and my kids loved it! Even the four year old was able to participate. She couldn’t guess many of the songs, but she sure had fun when it was her turn to draw. I got a snapshot of her drawing the song “Oh Christmas Tree”. And yes, she is sporting just one pony tail. Some days she is her own hairstylist. Ha.
Christmas Carols Pictionary game- with free printable cards. Perfect for any Christmas party, or just for family fun!

We have a large dry erase board that works great for any type of drawing game. My kids think it is so much more fun to draw on a dry erase board than on pieces of paper. It’s also much easier to see what people are drawing. If your family loves games, I recommend getting one!

We used the cards to play Pictionary, but you could also do Charades. Or you could print off two copies and play a matching game. (I recommend this white cardstock, I use it for all my printables.)

To get your own copy of the game, just click the link below. Have fun!!


You can use these printable cards to play several Christmas games. Pictionary, charades, or even a matching game would all be fun! #christmasgame


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  1. Andie Thueson says:

    Thank you!! Using these for my son’s class party!

  2. Thanks for sharing these fun Christmas game ideas!

  3. Thank you!

  4. Thank you, Kara, for sharing this game and your free downloadable printable. I think it is going to be fun playing this with my family!

  5. Where is link for Pictionary?

  6. I need help
    I can NOT figure out the Christmas Carol Opposite correct Titles
    Will someone post those??

  7. I need help, I can’t figure out the titles to the Christmas Carol opposites
    Can someone send the CORRECT titles??

  8. Great games…never seen these before! I’m impressed! Have a terrific Christmas!

  9. Brenda Hallberg says:

    I don’t see the link.

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