Coffee Filter Flower Tutorial

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Affiliate disclosure for creations by kara recipesYou can make these beautiful Coffee Filter Flowers in just minutes!diy-paper-flower-tutorial
A few weeks ago my husband was in charge of a dinner for 300 people for our church. Which meant that I was half in charge of a dinner for 300 people. 🙂 One of my jobs was to make centerpieces. For 33 tables. For not a lot of cash. The first thing I thought of was my Coffee Filter Roses. But I needed over 100 of the suckers, so I wanted something even easier. I found a few tutorials online for  coffee filter peonies, but they involved floral wire, and I could not get them to work.
After much trial and error, and possibly a couple of swear words, I came up with my own method. It is by far easier than any of the other ways I tried. With the help of a few friends, we cranked out over 100 of them in just an afternoon. Sweet!
Wanna make some for yourself? Here is my method for making them:

Coffee Filter Flower Tutorial

Coffee Filters
Bamboo Skewers
Hot Glue Gun and Glue
-Piercing tool or nail
Spray paint and paper towel tube (if you want any color other than white)


1- Make a stack of about 6 coffee filters. Draw a dot in the center.
2-Use a piercing tool or a nail to poke a small hole through the middle. Make sure you go through all the layers.
coffee-filter-flower-tutorial3-Poke the sharp end of the bamboo skewer through the hole about 1/2″. Cover the whole tip with hot glue.
Note: I painted my skewers by lining them all up in a shoe box, then shaking it while I applied spray paint. You can do the same, or just leave them unpainted.
coffee-filter-flower-tutorial4-Now quickly scrunch the first coffee filter around the tip, pressing tightly to make sure it attaches well to the hot glue. This forms the center of your flower.
How to make beautiful Coffee Flowers in just minutes!
5-Flip your flower upside down and place a ring of hot glue around the entire skewer. This will hold your flower in place so that it won’t wobble on the stem.
coffee-filter-flower-tutorial6-To form the flower, take one layer at a time and scrunch it up around the center of the flower. I thought it looked the best to squeeze it together at the bottom, but for a more carnation look, just squeeze it up in your fist.
coffee-filter-flower-tutorialWhen you have all the layers squeezed together, it should look something like this:
coffee-filter-flower-tutorial7- At this point you can leave them white, or spray paint them any color you like. To stop the spray paint from getting on the stems, I put my flowers into an empty paper towel tube. Worked perfect! Just make sure you use a light touch, it doesn’t take much paint to do the job.
coffee-filter-flower-tutorial-diyI put my flowers into  pint sized mason jars because I have a ton of them. I bought clear and blue glass marble thingies at the dollar store to fill the jars. You can leave the jars as they are, but I think it looks pretty to embellish them.

For this one I wrapped burlap around the jar, then added ribbon for a pop of color.
diy-coffee-filter-flower-tutorialAnd for this one, I used the colored flowers, so I just wrapped the jar with white ribbon.
There are endless possibilities! I’ve also made a Halloween version which I will be sharing later. I hope you will give them a try! They are so easy, and so pretty!


  1. Sue Million says

    I am sure going to try this way!! I have 25th Anniversary Party on Sunday and I am scrambling!! I will send pics later!!

  2. Great! Easiest way I’ve found to make coffee filter flowers. Thank you for showing us how to do it.

  3. Great idea…can’t wait to try them. Thanks for the tutorial.

  4. Marci Maloney says

    Excellent tutorial. THANKS!

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