DIY Spray Paint Decor Balls

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I finished up one more decorating project for my living room. I’ve got a little table that has a shelf on the bottom. I have a pedestal bowl that I wanted to use. I just needed something to fill it up. I saw these hemp ball accents over at Make It and Love It. Ashley wrapped them with twine and spray painted them to match her decor.
diy-decoratingI love them! I was going to make some of my own, but when I dug into my craft stash I came across these rattan balls from the Dollar Store. I’m pretty sure I’ve had them for ages, because I can’t even remember what I bought them for. That seems to be happening a lot lately. 😉
dollar-store-craft-diy I figured that rather than spend a couple hours wrapping styrofoam balls with twine, I would just spend two minutes and spray paint these. All I did was toss them in a shoe box, then roll them around while I spray painted them. It was really that easy!
dollar-store-craft-diy I was worried that maybe they would stick to the bottom of the shoe box, but they didn’t! There is such a small surface area that makes contact that they worked out perfectly–no sticking whatsoever. Hooray!

Here they are sitting in my cute little pedestal bowl.

I left a few of them plain for contrast. For the others I used Krylon Blue Ocean Breeze. Love that color. 🙂
There you have it– spray paint decor balls. Quickest decorating project I’ve worked on in a long time!

One more quick project, and then I can show you my whole table transformation. 🙂


  1. I love this idea of spraying the decor balls..where did you buy the ones in a package like that? That color will almost match my newly painted sunroom..I have some of these decor balls but mine are glass so can’t spray them. I want to add some terra cotta or coral color in my sunroom. That would be a way that I can add that color in. Kryon has some beautiful colors..have to look at their color selections again. Have anymore tropical theme ideas that i can implement into my small sunroom which is 9 1/2 ft. X14 ft. DH’s recliner takes up way too much space but he refuses to get rid of it or move it elsewhere. He wants me to add a love seat in there, but it will make it too crowded..will look for a comfy chair, maybe one from Pier 1 in wicker.

    • I got my decor balls at the dollar store, but it’s hit and miss. I’ve been looking for more and haven’t seen any there my last couple of trips. Good luck!

  2. It was great and easy!!! Like the idea:)

  3. yard globes says

    These were absolutely beautiful and how simple. Don’t know if I would have thought of spray painting in a box. Thanks so much for the ideas.

  4. The thought of using spray paint on anything causes me to break out in a cold, cold sweat – just walking by the spray paint cabinet at Hobby Lobby makes me want to run the other way. This, however, might just be the perfect project to get me over my fears of spray painting. Thanks, Kara!

    • Oh girl, you have got to get over that fear. Spray paint can be your best friend! You really should try these, they were the easiest thing I’ve ever spray painted! Feel free to let me know if you have any questions. Now go–be brave! 🙂

  5. Simple and cute!!!!

  6. Hi, Kara

    These look great! Love the colors.


    • Thanks Vanessa! I’m trying to refrain myself from using it in every room in my house. It’s just so cheerful!

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