Easy Bacon Wrapped Bread Bite Appetizers

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Bacon Wrapped Bread Bites . . . with just three ingredients, you can whip up these tasty appetizers in no time. A crowd pleasing recipe!

Be the hit of the party by serving these Bacon Wrapped Bread Bites. Everyone loves these bacon appetizers! A perfect game day recipe.

I don’t know what it is about bacon, but I’ve learned that any time I add it to a recipe, it will be an instant success. It just seems to be a magical ingredient that makes everything taste yummy! These bacon wrapped bread bites are guaranteed to win you rave reviews. They are seriously addicting.

These 3 ingredient bacon appetizers will be a hit at any party. A perfect appetizer that is always a crowd pleaser.

If you are looking for an appetizer that can be whipped up in minutes and that is sure to win you rave reviews, you are in luck! Everyone loves these bacon appetizers, and they are so easy to make.

I did learn a few tricks along the way. The first one is to make sure you use thin sliced bacon. The thickly sliced bacon is harder to wrap around the cubes because it doesn’t stretch at all. The second one is to make sure your cream cheese is softened, or it is really hard to spread on the bread.

Everyone loves these quick and easy bacon bread bites. A perfect snack or appetizer. Great game day recipe!

I got this recipe for bacon wrapped bread bites from a friend years ago, and I’m kicking myself for not making them sooner. They were a hit with everyone who tried them.  I’ve made them with regular cream cheese and chive and onion cream cheese. Both varieties are delicious!

Serve these bacon appetizers for New Years Eve, game day, or any party. They are so simple and so yummy! A perfect appetizer recipe. So easy!

You can prepare the bread cubes, wrap them with bacon, and store them in the fridge in a covered container for a couple of days. When you are ready to serve them, just pop them on a cooling rack inside a cookie sheet and bake them.

Bacon wrapped bread bites - these tasty appetizers only have 3 ingredients! A perfect appetizer recpe that everyone loves. They are a perfect game day appetizer.

Just a warning — if you are serving a large crowd, you might want to double the batch. People just can’t seem to stop eating them!

Bacon Wrapped Bread Bites are a perfect appetizer recipe for game day, New Years Eve, or any party. Everyone loves them, and they are so easy. Only 3 ingredients!

Bacon Wrapped Bread Appetizers

Easy Bacon Wrapped Bread Bite Appetizers

Easy Bacon Wrapped Bread Bite Appetizers
Simple appetizers made with bread, cream cheese, and bacon.
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 35 minutes


  • 4 oz cream cheese, softened to room temperature (I use light- it's easier to spread)
  • 8 slices white bread
  • 16 slices of thinly sliced bacon, cut in thirds


Spread the cream cheese evenly onto the bread slices. Cut the crusts off of the bread, and cut each piece into 6 cubes.

Take each cube and wrap a third of a piece of bacon around it. Poke a toothpick through it to secure it if needed.

Place all bacon wrapped cubes on a cookie sheet lined with a cooling rack. (This allows the extra fat to drip off onto the pan.)

Bake at 375 degrees for 15-20 minutes or till bacon is crispy. I like mine really crispy, so I cook for 20 minutes.

Note: You can use either regular cream cheese or the spreadable cream cheese in the tub. Both varieties work just fine.

Bacon Wrapped Bread Bites are a perfect appetizer recipe for game day, New Years Eve, or any party. Everyone loves these tasty snacks, and they are so easy. Only 3 ingredients!

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