Felt Poinsettia Yarn Wreath

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Guys. I made this Felt Poinsettia Yarn Wreath two years ago. Two years. That’s how long it has taken me to get this post finished. What the heck? I think I need to start making my Christmas projects in June, because by the time holiday season rolls around, I’m so busy that I have a hard time finishing projects, let alone getting them photographed. Yikes!
Felt Poinsettia Christmas Wreath- easy to make with this step by step tutorial!

Last year I displayed this pretty wreath on my Ballard Design knock-off shelves. I’m not sure where it will reside this year. Maybe on my mirror in the entry way. Maybe on the mantle. Who knows. For these shots, it’s actually hanging on the garage door, because that’s where I could find the best light. Ha.
How to make a gorgeous Poinsettia Yarn Christmas Wreath
It’s one of my favorite Christmas wreaths to date, and it’s pretty simple to make. The only part that takes awhile is wrapping the yarn around the wreath form. So pop in a Christmas movie and get wrapping!

Pattern for felt poinsettias, and instructions for using them to make this yarn Christmas wreath.

Felt Poinsettia Yarn Wreath

-Styrofoam wreath form
Poinsettia pattern
Fabric scissors
-Red and green felt
Wonder Under Fusible Web
Tiny white beads
-Needle and thread
Hot Glue Gun and glue sticks

Print out the pattern for the poinsettia, and cut it out with sharp scissors. To make the base of the flower more sturdy, trace the poinsettia pattern onto the paper side of the wonder under. Cut around it, and iron it onto your felt. Use the poinsettia leaf pattern to cut out five felt leaves. (The leaves don’t need to be backed with Wonder Under.)
Felt Poinsettia Yarn Christmas Wreath TutorialDo the same thing for the green leaves.
Yarn Christmas Wreath with Felt Poinsettias

Sew or hot glue the ends of the flower petals together. I prefer to just use a needle and thread, because it makes it easier to attach the beads later. Then glue them on top of the solid flower piece, staggering the petals.
How to make a Felt Poinsettia Yarn Wreath for ChristmasNow sew three beads to the center of the flower. Repeat to make two more poinsettias. (Or more if you’d like.)
Beautiful Yarn Poinsettia WreathWrap yarn around the wreath form until it is totally covered. Yep, this takes awhile.
Easy Christmas Wreath with Felt Flowers

Now just arrange the poinsettias and leaves onto the wreath until you like how it looks, then hot glue everything in place.
Poinsettia Christmas Wreath TutorialTo hang it, just wrap a piece of white yarn around it and tie it in a knot. Hide the knot behind the wreath and you’re good to go!
Felt Poinsettia Christmas Wreath- free pattern included!I made my wreath with white yarn and red felt poinsettias, but you could switch things up. I also think it would be gorgeous with red yarn and white poinsettias. Or you could go non-traditional and make it blue. 🙂

Poinsettia Yarn Christmas Wreath tutorial - a beautiful Christmas wreath for your door or walls!

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