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Gratitude Christmas gift tags are a fun and easy way to show appreciation to people often forgotten this time of year. Just attach the free printable tags to any gift or goodie, and make someone’s Christmas a little brighter!

free printable gratitude Christmas tags collageFree Printable Gratitude Christmas Tags

I am so very excited to share these gratitude Christmas Gift Tags as part of the Light the World challenge for Christmas this year. The purpose of this campaign is to invite people everywhere to follow Jesus’s example of service.

Tomorrow kicks off the twenty five days of service with a Worldwide Day of Service. By showing a little more kindness, being a little more loving, and serving even in a small way, we can all spread joy, and fill the world with light!

It has been a rough year for me health wise, and then the negativity of the presidential campaign just started sapping the life outta me. I knew that focusing on others was just what I needed to get into the Christmas spirit.

Advent calendars are a huge Christmas tradition at my house, and my kids always look forward to the treats and activities. When  I brought up the idea of switching up our usual advent activities with 25 days of service, I wasn’t sure how excited my kids would be. Well I was wrong. They were totally on board, and they came up with ideas that I hadn’t even thought of. This just might be the best Christmas ever!!

Free printable gratitude Christmas gift tags  collage

25 Days of Service

The idea behind the 25 days of service is simple. Each day focuses on one way that Jesus showed love, and more importantly, how WE can show love. I was drawn to Day 22- “Jesus showed gratitude and so can you.” I have been working on being grateful for my many blessings, but realized I’ve been lacking in showing appreciation to the people around me who impact my life for good.

When I started brainstorming, I realized there are a lot of people who serve me every day that I take for granted. The mail carrier, the garbage collector, the school custodian, the boy who brings the grocery carts in from the parking lot. . . they all make my life better. Sure, I thank them if I happen to see them, but that doesn’t happen very often. And I’ve never given them a note of thanks. Time to change that!

Gratitude Christmas Gift Cards

I’ve put together a bundle of printable gift cards and ideas that can be used to show appreciation for the people who most often get forgotten. I tried to make the wording generic so that you can attach the cards to any gift you want Homemade or store bought treats, or any small gift or gift card. I hope you’ll use them and make someone’s day a little brighter!

As I was thinking of workers that are under-appreciated, the first person I thought of was the mail carrier. They are crazy busy this time of year, and the weather is less than pleasant most days, at least in my neck of the woods. Wouldn’t it be fun for them to open up the mailbox and find a special treat that they don’t have to deliver to someone else?

Mail carrier Christmas gift with free printable gratitude Christmas gift tags

What about the lady who does your hair? Standing all day long can’t be that fun. My hair dresser also happens to be one of my best friends, and boy oh boy do I appreciate her. Without the magic she works on my hair, I wouldn’t want to show my face in public very often, that’s for sure.

Christmas Gift Idea for hairdresser with free printable gratitude Christmas gift tags


Garbage collectors also came to mind. I’ve never heard anyone express appreciation for the guys that pick up our trash. But oh my, can you imagine your life if they stopped coming? The horrors.

Another person I’m grateful for is the school bus drivers. It is so nice not having to drive my kids to and from school every single day!

Christmas gift idea for bus driver with free printable Christmas gift tag

And what about the school custodian and secretary. Teachers usually get remembered, but sometimes I forget the behind the scene workers.

I also came up with a couple generic gift tags that you could give to anyone. Print up a bunch, throw them in your car or purse, and see how many people you can find that make your life a little better just by doing their job. Show them a little appreciation and watch their faces light up with joy.

gratitude Christmas gift tag on a candy bar

For a PDF file of all 6 gift cards, click the link below:

Christmas Appreciation Gift Tags

Or if you prefer, you can right click on the tag you want, save it, and resize it in a program on your computer.

Mail Carrier Appreciation Gift Tag:

mail carrier Christmas gift tag

Bus Driver Gift Card:
Christmas gift for bus driver - free printable
Garbage Collector Gift Tag:
(this one isn’t actually on the PDF)
Christmas gift tag for garbage collector
Hair stylist Christmas gift card:
Christmas gift idea for your favorite hair stylist.

Custodian Christmas Gift Card:
printable Christmas gift card for custodian

Co-worker gratitude Christmas gift card:
Gratitude Christmas gift tags for co-workers

General Christmas Appreciation Card:
Gratitude Christmas gift tags

I am totally looking forward to helping #LIGHTtheWORLD this Christmas season! I hope you’ll stay tuned, I’ll have more fun ideas coming at you during the next few days and weeks. If you participate, share on social media, I want to see it! Make sure you use the hashtag #lighttheworld.

Let’s all make this a Christmas to remember!



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  2. I’m not able to print , can you give me help!

    • I tried the link, and it is working on my end. Not sure why you were unable to print. It could have been a glitch. Try it again and let me know if it doesn’t work for you.

  3. As a rural carrier I am grateful when I find lil “surprises” in the mailbox!!! It’s nice to know that someone actually cares and appreciates me and my fellow workers! And I thank you for remembering us with your notes….AWESOME!!!!

  4. Thank you! I appreciate people like you who share your hard work and wonderful ideas. I will actually give a few more gifts this year because of these tags! I just was looking for my hairdresser but thanks for the other ideas as well. Merry Christmas

  5. These are wonderful!
    Thank you for sharing.
    Question. .. how difficult would it be for me to edit Merry Christmas to Happy Holidays ?

  6. Agree my husband is a mail carrier and they have never had a problem with gifts

  7. My husband is a postal worker and they only complain about putting stuff in the mail box without postage is when you are a business or church. If it a gift to the postal worker it will be fine . I know most will complain about everything but if its a gift they will allow it

  8. Susan Frusher says

    wonderful ideas but please do not put ANYTHING in your mail box that is not actual USPS mail….it is not legal. I once had someone stick a personal note (no envelope or stamp) in my mailbox and I got a stern reprimand and they wanted me to pay postage due!

    • Eleta Ramsey says

      You can leave your mail carriers presents to show your appreciation for their service. However, she is correct that anything placed INSIDE the mailbox does require postage. Notes from HOA’s, lawn care providers, missing pets, unmarked envelopes…. should not be placed inside mailboxes. But it really depends on your mail carriers on whether they enforce this or give you a note saying this is not to be. (I am a mail carrier…. and have been for 27 1/2 years).

  9. Thanks for the appreciation tags. Glad I found you on Pinterest just in time. My husband and I were just talking about how we must not forget the postal worker this Christmas. Thanks for reminding us about the trash men. We were reminded recently about UPS and FedEx also. Here’s the link to what they can accept..

    Thanks for doing your part to spreading love, joy and hope.

  10. Mail carriers CAN accept gifts under $25. Unless they’ve changed policy in the last 2 yrs.

  11. A bribe is giving something with expectation or hope of getting something in return (preferential treatment, positions, turn the other eye, etc.). Saying “thank you” with no other expectation is not a bribe but in fact a sincerely gesture of thanks.
    The mail carrier certainly can say no thank you but if they should, don’t be offended.

  12. These are wonderful ideas! Thanks for sharing them with us. I always give to the mail carrier but never thought of the trash collector – but you’re totally right, 2 days a week with trash pick up, oh the horror if they didn’t come! I may steal that Oreo idea you have, it’s cute.

  13. I failed to see the “bribe” here. When I delivered papers & phone books we appreciated being thanked & acknowledged for our work. Maybe some people can’t afford it & think it’s illegal to say thanks.

  14. Jennifer Wise says

    Can you make one for teachers please

  15. This is a wonderful idea…..but I just want to let you know you CANNOT bribe a federal worker, aka a Mail Carrier.
    I know it sucks, we can’t give them things. My grandfather was a Mail Carrier and he passed away last year. I wanted to commemorate him so I just wrote my Mail Carrier a letter, with a good joke in it. My grandpa always loved a good joke.

    • I don’t think this can be considered a bribe. I’ve been giving my mail carriers a small gift at Christmas time for years. They have never turned it down.

    • I’m going to have to agree with Tana on this one. I don’t think anyone in their right mind would consider a note of appreciation and small treat a bribe. I’d rather err on the side of kindness.

    • I am a mail carrier and gifts are always appreciated. I don’t know why you think it’s a bribe.

    • My father was a mail carrier for 35 years. It is not a bribe. Not really sure what that is about. It is about appreciation. He went above and beyond in his job, bringing stamps to old ladies who could not get out, etc. He got tons of gifts at the holidays and MANY of those gifts were cash. Every single year. He also got a lot of bottles of alcohol, jellies and other odd “regifts” as well! The Post Office may say they can’t take it. But they don’t care if they do and if you have a great carrier like my dad was (or like my current carrier) they will appreciate it and write you a thank you note. Just my opinion but I don’t think your carrier wants a $3.00 box of Oreos. Some cash or a gift card would be nice though. Back in the day carriers walked miles like my dad and didn’t earn much, so those Christmas tips were important to us. Just my point of view, you can take it or leave it. Happy Holidays!

    • And Kara I was not trying to knock your tags, I think they are adorable and do the same type of thing for my bus driver gifts!

    • I didn’t think your comment was negative Lisa, I appreciated your insight!

  16. Thank you so much! I was looking for something cute like this! Merry Christmas!

  17. Thanks SO much! I was sitting here just yesterday, trying to make up my own cute sayings for all these SAME people! So glad I found yours instead!

  18. Love the tags, the ideas are amazing. My hats of to you and your kids!!! Was thinking that instead of my students that my child/children would be better for bis driver one. Just a thought. Love them, love the ideas. Happy Holidays!!!

    • So glad that you like them! I actually debated on the wording for the bus driver one. Oh well, too late to change it now!

  19. Love the gift tags! I am going to use them all!!!!

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