Hair Bow How To– Lining an Alligator Clip

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You know how after you do something a hundred times it just becomes second nature to you? You don’t even have to think about it anymore. That’s how lining hair clips is for me now. I’ve made these for hair bows more times than I can count. But I do remember way back in the day when I didn’t know how to do it. I don’t even think there was internet back then. Just kidding, I’m not THAT old! But there wasn’t hundreds of fabulous blogs showing me how to do things. So I had to learn by trial and error how to line an alligator clip.

If you are just learning how to make hair bows, this is usually the first step. Because although sometimes a bow is so large that the clip is totally covered, sometimes you just need to cover the clip with ribbon. Like for these loopy ribbon flowers for example.
ribbon clipThey would just not look as cute with a nekkid metal clip sticking out, would they?

So if you are new to the whole hair bow making process, here is a tutorial for ya. The rest of you can just look away. 😉

Hair Bow How To–Lining an Alligator Clip with Ribbon

What you will need:
-A two pronged alligator clip
-3/8″ wide ribbon
-Hot glue and glue gun
-Candle or lighter for heat sealing the ribbon ends

-Cut a piece of 3/8″ wide ribbon about 4 1/4″ long. I usually use grosgrain ribbon. Heat seal the ends to prevent fraying.
ribbon clip-tutorial-Apply hot glue to the underside of one end of the ribbon.
ribbon clip-tutorial-Quickly pinch the hair clip open and place the ribbon on the underneath of the top side.
ribbon clip-tutorial-Now let the clip close, and apply hot glue to the top side.
-Pull the ribbon over the end and press it onto the top of the clip.
-Flip the clip upside down and apply some hot glue just to the top edge.
Pull the ribbon around and press it firmly in place.
And there you have it, a cute-ified hair clip, all ready to add a flower or bow to.
Like this one:


  1. You have a very nice article at the same time sharing tips on your expertise and that’s a very mature thing to do. Anyway my daughter got me into getting her some hair clips from and that was the time I realized that she wants to look pretty as well and I’m so happy for her.

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  3. jennifer perez says:

    I am a bow maker/seller, and I want new ideas to keep my customers entertained. I love these flower clips, and they are perfect! I want to make them ASAP, but im afraid i don’t know how you male the flower so perfect and lined. Also what is the yellow center of the flower made out of? I’d appreciate your response! Thank you 🙂

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