Hair Bow How To–Loopy Ribbon Flower Tutorial

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I planned on sharing this ribbon flower tutorial in the middle of summer. But stuff happened. You know how it is.  I mentioned on facebook that I would just have to wait till next spring to share it, seeing as how it is now fall and most people have pumpkins and fall colors on the brain. But several readers commented that they didn’t want to have to wait that long.  I’m glad I’m not the only impatient one around here. Haha. So here you have it, the loopy ribbon flower. They are pretty easy, but oh so cute. Now that I’ve actually got a little princess to dress up, I’ll be sharing more hair accessory tutorials in the future. Because dang they are fun to make!

Loopy Ribbon Flower Tutorial

Supplies: 3/8″ grosgrain ribbon Scissors Hot glue gun Fabric scraps or button 1- Cut three pieces of 3/8″ grosgrain ribbon 7 inches long. tutorial-ribbon flower2-Heat seal the ends. I like to use a candle. tutorial-ribbon flower3-Put a dab of hot glue on the end of one ribbon. Wrap it around and attach it to the other side of the ribbon, forming a loop. tutorial-ribbon flower4-Now twist that loop into a figure eight shape, and glue it right in the middle where the ribbon intersects. tutorial-ribbon flower5-Repeat with the remaining two ribbons till you have 3 figure eight shapes. 6-Take two of the ribbon loops and stack them, making an “X” shape. Use hot glue to attach them just in the middle where they intersect. 7-Now take the third ribbon loop and glue it right across the middle. 8-Now you have a cute little flower. You just need to add a center. If you want, you can just glue on a button. I like to use a tiny fabric rosette. If you don’t know how to make them, you can follow my tiny rosette tutorial. After you have your rosette, just attach it with hot glue to the center of your ribbon flower. So stinkin’ cute, right? Now you can just glue it onto a ribbon lined hair clip. I think the polka dot ribbon is especially cute. 🙂 If you don’t have the desire or the time to make your own, I do sell them in my Etsy store. You can get a set of three in any color for $8. Tomorrow I will show you how to line an alligator clip with ribbon. It’s simple, but I remember when I was just starting out, I had to experiment a few times before I got it right. Hopefully I can save a few of you from trial and error. 🙂


  1. Pole Crastina says:

    Wow ! What a Delightful post. I love to try making varied kind of bows and when i got through your blog it made me more pleasant by seeing so beautiful colors and examples on making loopy ribbon flower bow. It will help me a lot in try something new. Glad you shared your views.

  2. Stephanie says:

    This is super cute! I was using a different template for a similar look, but it is way more time-consuming. Thanks!

  3. Anonymous says:

    very cute thanks

  4. This look cute and easy, I can’t wait to try it. My daughter will love these!

  5. so simple, and its so cute! Hope to have a baby girl one day. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Love it! I’ll definitely be making these! Thanks~

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