How to Frost Cupcakes with Less Mess

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Affiliate disclosure for creations by kara recipesIt took me years of trial and error, (and mostly failure) before I finally learned how to frost a pretty cupcake. I would just use a knife to spread it on, because I couldn’t figure how to pipe frosting on with a decorator bag. But once I learned the trick, I haven’t looked back. Now I love making pretty cupcakes. 🙂
I recently tried a trick for filling the pastry bag with frosting. Now it is even easier to frost cupcakes!!
how-to-frost-cupcakesThis trick will work with any type of pastry bag, but I like to use the disposable pastry bags so I have less to wash.
To make filling your pastry bag much easier, place it inside a tall, narrow glass. As you start to spoon in the frosting, hold the bag firmly against the side of the glass, and push the frosting in with a spoon to remove all the pockets of air.
Cupcake Frosting TipIt is so much easier to fill a bag this way than trying to wrestle with it in one hand while trying to fill it with the other! Plus, the top of the bag stays nice and clean, and you waste a lot less frosting.
cupcake-frosting-trickWhen you have it filled, just pull the bag out of the glass, twist the top, and you’re ready to frost.
Now go and make some cupcakes!

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