Simple Trick for Using a Hot Glue Gun

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If you are a crafter, chances are you have a hot glue gun. I actually have a couple glue guns, and I use them all the time! They are handy for so many things. I’ve used them on everything from handmade cards to home decor. For an impatient person like me, it is awesome that the glue dries in like 5 seconds. You can’t beat that for speed! Today I am sharing a hot glue gun trick that has revolutionized my craft time. I kind of felt like a genius when I thought of it.

One thing that bugs me about using a hot glue gun (besides the glue strings and the occasional burned fingers) is that they drip on your work surface. I used to just grab a paper plate to stand my glue gun on when I wasn’t using it. But the edge of the plate would sometimes make my glue gun tip over and glue would pool at the side of the nozzle. And sometimes I’d be out of paper plates.

I finally came up with a solution that I love. I place a silicone baking sheet under my glue gun. You know, the kind you put on your cookie sheet so your baked goods won’t stick? It was an epic day when I thought of that people! Not only is it flat, but it’s large enough that I can use it as a work surface and just have my glue gun over on the side. Using my hot glue gun is much easier now!
hot-glue-gun-tipSee that drip? After it dries, it can just be brushed off the surface of the mat. Easy peasy. Hooray for easier clean up after craft time!


  1. Yah! I love this idea! I use a glue pan with my silk floral business and always deal with glue messes. Thanks for sharing this revelation!!

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