Tip for Making Thumbprint Cookies

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Have you ever made thumbprint cookies? You know the ones. Those cute little round cookies with an indentation in the middle that can be filled with jam, pie filling, or my favorite- chocolate. Not only are they pretty, they are yummy too. But I’ve always had one problem when making thumbprint cookies. When I try to make that little hole in the middle, my thumb nail always gets in the way. And I don’t even have long fingernails!

I recently discovered a trick for making thumbprint cookies. . . without even having to use your thumb! Use the back of a measuring spoon. It works like a charm, and leaves a perfectly round indentation that will hold even more yummy filling. It’s a win/win! Just roll your dough into a ball, then press the spoon into the center. Voila – a perfect indentation!


It works just as well when making cookies in mini muffin tins!

Here’s one of my favorite recipes for “thumbprint cookies”.
Caramel Shortbread Cookies. They are seriously heavenly!
caramel-thumpbrint-cookiesI needed a larger, less deep hole for them, so I used the back of a larger measuring spoon and didn’t press down as hard.

What are your favorite kinds of thumbprint cookies?

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