DIY Wood Shutters

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Looking for a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to add some rustic country charm to your home decor? Give these DIY wood shutters a try. I was able to whip up five of them in an afternoon!
How to make your own rustic wood shutters. It's easy with this tutorial!

I am kind of obsessed with the show Fixer Upper on HGTV. I love Joanna’s farmhouse style, and I save every episode so I can drool over the gorgeous rooms over and over again. She uses lots of cool architectural elements like corbels, salvaged doors, and old shutters. Love.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the best luck finding salvaged pieces that are actually in good working condition. So I decided to take matters into my own hands and make my own. Shutters that is. And I am in love with them. The best part- they were SO easy to make. For reals. You can totally do this. Probably in less time than it would take you to actually drive around and look for old shutters. You got this!!
DIY Rustic Wood Shutters- this step by step tutorial shows you how to make them!

How to Make Your Own DIY Wood Shutters

Supplies (contains affiliate links)
-One 10 foot long 1×4 for each shutter  (cut into three 32″ long pieces and two 12″ long pieces)
-Chop saw (or have the lumber store cut your wood for you)
-Palm sander or sandpaper
-White paint
-Paint brush
Wood Glue
Brad Nail Gun and finish nails

-When you buy your boards, have the lumber store cut them into pieces for you. Or bring them home and cut them with a chop saw. From each 10 foot board,  cut 3- 32″ pieces and 2- 12″ pieces.
DIY Barn Door Shutters

Water down some white paint and paint the top and sides of each board. It only takes one coat for a whitewashed look. Sand the edges for a more rustic look. I like to use my palm sander because it is MUCH faster than sanding by hand.
How to make Barn Door ShuttersNow it’s time to put the shutters together. Line up the three long pieces. Tip: use paint sticks or pieces of cardboard as spacers in between the boards. Squeeze a line of glue across the boards where you want your top pieces to go.
Step by step instructions for making rustic wood shutters.Place the top pieces on and line them up so they are centered. Then press firmly just for a few seconds.
DIY Wood ShuttersUse your handy dandy nail gun to nail the top boards in place.
Easy DIY Wood ShuttersYou can fill the holes if you want, but I was going for a rustic look, so I left mine as they were.
It takes just a few simple steps to make these Barn Door Shutters!That’s it! Wasn’t that easy?
DIY Rustic Indoor Shutters
Now all you have to do is hang them up. I just attached sawtooth hangers to the back of mine. I made five of them and staggered them behind our tv in the family room. I love how it adds visual interest, and makes it so the tv isn’t quite such an eyesore.
How to make an accent wall with DIY wood shutters.

DIY wood shutters- step by step tutorial


  1. Silas Knight says:

    I love the look of shutters. These shutters you made are beautiful and simple, and I love how you hung them behind your TV. I don’t know if I would want to make some myself, or go out and buy some, but either way, they can really help the home pop!

  2. Very cute! I like the slat look. I think it would be fun to turn one sideways and add a vinyl saying for a different look, more like a sign similar to your “find joy in the journey” paint stick wood slat.
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