Mini Faux Cupcake Place Holders {Birthday Decorations}

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These Mini Cupcake Place Holders make such easy birthday party decorations- and they’re crumb and calorie free! 🙂Mini Cupcake Birthday Party Place Holders #makeitfuncrafts

If you were paying attention last month, I announced that I am now on the FloraCraft® team. It is so fun getting those boxes of craft supplies in the mail! In addition to the free supplies, I was also compensated for this post.

Cute little cupcakes that are perfect for birthday party decorations

This month the theme is “Celebrations”. It was just perfect because Rachel celebrated her 4th birthday. I decided to make some little fake cupcakes. I was originally going to make a banner, but didn’t have a great place to hang it, so I opted for mini cupcake place holders instead. They were easy to make, and I think they are just so cute. It was fun to see the family all come in and look for their names. Rachel of course decided where everyone should sit. 😉

How to make easy faux styrofoam cupcakes.

Honest Mom Truth: The day of the party, our table looked nothing like the lovely photo you see above. Rachel wanted a purple tablecloth, so I bought one. And some plates that had pink and purple flowers- I thought they would tie everything together nicely. Nope. The whole thing looked downright garrish. But the birthday girl was happy, so I let it go. Of course, I couldn’t run the risk of burning your retinas, so I had to set everything up again with eye-friendly colors. And re-shoot all the photos. You’re welcome. 🙂

Faux Cupcakes made with yarn and styrofoam balls.

Mini Faux Cupcake Place Holders

“2″ FloraCraft® Make It: Fun® Foam Balls
-Mini Cupcake Liners (foil work the best)
-Popsicle sticks (optional)
Chunky yarn
-1/2″ red pom poms for cherries
Hot glue and glue sticks
-Tape or paper for name tags

1- Use a popsicle stick to spread glue on the top half of the foam ball.
How to make fake cupcakes with styrofoam balls.2-Press the end of a piece of yarn toward the center. Then just start wrapping the yarn around in a circle.  This will be the bottom, so I didn’t add yarn to the part that won’t show.
These fake cupcakes make adorable birthday decorations!3-After you have yarn on the bottom half, you can flip it over and spread glue on the top half. Continue wrapping until the whole thing is covered. It’s OK if you leave a very tiny space for the cherry pom pom to fit.
styrofoam cupcakes3-Snip off the yarn, then add a tiny dab of glue right in the center. Attach a red pom pom and press down firmly. That makes your cute little cherry.
Cute styrofoam cupcakes4-Place a dab of hot glue in the bottom of a mini cupcake liner. Press your cupcake firmly into the center. Hold it till it dries, those little cupcakes try to jump out!
How to make cupcakes out of styrofoam balls and yarn.5- Now it’s time to add your name tags. I just wrapped a piece of cute tape around a toothpick, then wrote in it with permanent marker. You could also print out tags, or just use regular paper. After you trim your tag to the shape you want, just poke the end of the toothpick into the cupcake.
Yarn Cupcake Place HoldersRepeat the process until you have enough cupcake place holders for all your party guests.
Yarn Cupcake Birthday Party Favors

I used them for a birthday party, but they’d be cute for a tea party, baby shower, or just about any party. You can make them in any color you want!

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  3. These are so darn cute! You could also add a hanger and decorate your Christmas tree with these sweet cupcakes. Thank you, Kara.

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