My Ballard Design Knockoff DIY Shelves

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I have been wanting to change up the space above our kitchen desk area for ages. I decided to build some Ballard Design knock-off shelves to brighten up the space and have a canvas for switching my decorations for the changing seasons. I finally got them finished!

As far as DIY shelves go, these are pretty simple. Just a board, some wood trim, and a couple of corbels. I followed my friend Shelley’s instructions for DIY shelves, and they worked perfectly! ballard-design-diy-shelvesThe only thing I had to do differently was buy more of the little wood plugs to cover the holes in the corbels. They only come with enough to cover the front facing holes. But since ours are hanging above a desk, I needed to fill the holes on the underside. It bugged me that you could see them when you looked up.

This is what I had in the space before, and I am already LOVING these shelves much better!
diy-wall-shelvesI have started sprucing the shelves up for Christmas, and I can’t wait to show you! Some of you may have already noticed them. I gave a little sneak peek when I shared my Christmas Tree Banner. It is hanging on the front of the lower shelf.
white-diy-shelvesSo many fun decorating possibilities with these shelves! My kitchen/family room space is gradually getting to where I want it to be. At a snail’s pace, but at least we’re moving in the right direction!


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