Valentine’s Day Craft- Number Plate

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I meant to get my winter decor out a couple weeks ago. But the hallway wainscoting took longer than I thought, so I have decided to skip ahead to Valentine’s Day. Because then instead of looking like I’m behind, I will totally look like I am organized and ahead of the game. Who’s with me?

I actually  love decorating for Valentine’s Day, because it is the one holiday in which all of the decorations are totally girly. Yippee!
Hearts. . . ruffles. . . pink. . . lace. . . red. . . roses. . . chocolate.  What’s not to love? And no, I don’t decorate with chocolate. Not that you couldn’t. I just prefer eating it.  😉

Since I am focusing most of my efforts on DIY projects around the house, I don’t have a lot of time for craft projects. I needed something that was really quick to throw together. I remembered a plate that I’ve had for like forever. I bought it at a yard sale for 50 cents. Lovely, no?
valentine's day craftNo, it’s not lovely. It’s actually quite hideous. But when I saw those little cutouts on the edges, I thought they would be cute with ribbon woven through them. So I bought it. And spray painted it white.
valentine's day craftThen it sat on my desk for (so embarrassing to admit this) 7 months. Yes, 7 months. Every time I would clean I’d pick it up, dust under it and think “I need to finish this.” And then I’d get busy with other stuff and forget. And it would get buried again.

But miracle of miracles, my ugly little plate is ugly no more. I cut out a “14” in black vinyl, and wove some red ribbon around it. Here it is now in all it’s Valentine’s Day glory!
valentine's day craft
Ah, the magic of spray paint!!


  1. Jeannie Bryant says:

    Was it just regular ole high gloss white spray paint? Did you prime it? So pretty!!

    • I used Rustoleum high gloss spray paint. I haven’t had good luck with spray primers, so I just used the spray paint. It took a few coats, but it worked just great!

  2. Kara, This idea sparked a huge fire in my brain. I have Pintrested it; and today I blogged about it attempting to copy/make something similar. How fun. I am hooked on plates right now!! See it at

  3. What a great idea! You turned something not so pretty into something beautiful!!

  4. So cute! I don’t think I would have seen the potential beauty in the plate. Good eye girl!

  5. Kara that turned out fantastic!!! I can’t believe you waited so long to paint it… I never thought of spray painting something like that…. It is beautiful and will look great for Valentines Day!
    Susan (Homeroad)

  6. I super love this! I can’t even believe how amazing the transformation is!

  7. Way, way cute!! I need to remember to “think outside the box” (or rather “think inside the spray paint can”) when I am at the thrift store! I LOVE this!!

  8. You are right, that plate was ugly. I love what you did with it… now I am on the search for an ugly plate with holes on the side. There is always great insparation here at your blog. I love it…..

  9. haha i was just thinking the same thing about it looking like a snowflake! between my husband and son i’m the only girl in the house, but this inspires me to do just a little decorating for valentine’s. :o)

  10. Gorgeous Kara! I love the ribbon on it! This would be a great winter decoration too, since the edging makes it look like a snowflake.

  11. Isn’t spray amazing?! The plate looks so great after the work you put in. Perfect for Valentine’s day.

  12. Wow!!! I’d say it was well worth the wait–what a transformation! It makes me want to run to the thrift store to look for an ugly dish. 🙂 Great vision Kara!

  13. Super cute! You really have to have a creative eye to see past the gold and ugly picture and see the potential for cuteness in a plate like that. Impressive!

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