Printable Valentine Cards–Skittles

These printable Valentine cards are so cute taped to a mini bag of Skittles. Just perfect for classroom Valentines! I know I am a little late to the game posting Valentine’s Day ideas. Because if you are a blogger (or Walmart) you have to have your holiday ideas out the day before the previous holiday is over. […]

Valentine Box for Boys

Do any of the rest of you have kids that wait till 8:00 at night to tell you they have a project due the very next morning? Happens at our house waaaay more often than it should! Makes me want to beat people. Not really. Well maybe a little. Last year on February 13th, my […]

Printable Valentine Tag– Kool Aid

Printable Valentine Tag . . . attach this printable valentine card to a Kool-Aid Burst for a fun and easy classroom valentine! Kids love it! I’m a little scared to type this because I don’t want to jinx us, but our family has now been healthy for FIVE whole days. Hallelujah! Valentine’s Day is right […]

Free Printable– Valentine’s Day Ombre Art

Print out this Valentine’s Day Ombre Art for quick and easy Valentine decor. I had great plans for decorating for Valentine’s Day this year. But sub-zero temperatures,  frozen pipes, a killer cold/flu that hit all of us, and two rounds of stomach flu have kind of put a damper in my plans. I sure hope […]

Heart Shaped Brownie Bites for Valentine’s Day

Heart Shaped Brownie Bites . . . these fun and easy chocolate treats are perfect for Valentine’s Day. No one can resist them! Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays to make treats for. I love coming up with recipes that involve chocolate, cherries, and heart shapes. I’ve been having fun in the kitchen […]

Valentines Day Matching Game {Free Printable}

Valentine’s Day Matching Game – stick these free printable dots on the bottom of Hershey kisses for a fun Valentine game for all ages! I don’t know about you, but I’m always looking for ways to make the smaller holidays more fun for my kids. Valentines Day isn’t geared towards kids–especially boys. What boy gets […]

Valentine Heart Shirt

Let me preface this post by telling you that this tutorial contains a whole lotta “Don’t do what I did.” Because I messed up a few times in a big way. But I thought I’d share it anyway so you could learn from my mistakes. So pay close attention. I don’t want anyone cussin’ like […]

Valentine Printable {Valentine Game}

This printable Valentine game is perfect for classroom Valentine’s. It’s a game and a treat all in one! I am one of those crazy moms that likes to come up with creative Valentine’s for my boys to take to school for their classmates.  I think we have only bought Valentine’s from a box one time. […]