EnviroKlenz Laundry Enhancer – Get Sour Smell Out of Towels

This EnviroKlenz Laundry Enhancer review is sponsored by EnviroKlenz.  All opinions are my own.  Have you ever forgotten about your towels and left them in the washer for a few days? I have, and it’s the worst! They get a nasty sour smell that is so hard to get rid of, no matter how many […]

What I Learned and Loved in May and June

Well it’s time again for another re-cap of the last two months. Which has been insanely busy around here, even though it doesn’t show here on the blog. I realized that I only posted 8 times during the month of June. What the what!? That is a record low for me, and a sign of […]

A Year with Six Sisters’ Stuff {Cookbook Review and Giveaway}

I love a great cookbook. Don’t get me wrong, I like finding recipes on the internet (hello Pinterest), but there is just something about holding a cookbook in my hands and flipping through the pages that just makes me happy. I got my hands on the Six Sisters’ new cookbook a few weeks ago. I […]

Arby’s Smokehouse Brisket Review and Gift Card Giveaway

  I like to cook homemade meals for my family. But some days we are running in all directions and I just don’t have the time. When we have to eat on the go, Arby’s is always one of my favorite choices. I love their roast beef sandwiches! I was given the chance to try […]

DownEast Home and Clothing Review

I was given the awesome opportunity this month to do a review for DownEast Home and Clothing. If you are familiar with them, you understand why I was excited. If you haven’t, you will after this post. 😉 Most ladies are familiar with their clothing line, but did you know they also sell furniture and […]

Christmas Card Ideas from Minted

Do you send out Christmas cards or letters every year? We do. Except for last year, which was totally lame. This year I am trying to make up for it by sending out a really cool Christmas card. So when Minted contacted me about doing a review of their cards, I was intrigued. Then I […]

DIY Faux Granite Countertops {Giani Granite Paint}

Back in January I was contacted by Giani asking if I’d like to try out their granite countertop paint. They sell kits that allow you to paint formica countertops to look like granite. Awesome right? There was only one problem. We replaced our kitchen counter with solid surfacing just a couple of years ago. So […]

Fish Foam Glass Cleaner {Product Review}

If you’re like me, January is a time for cleaning and organizing. With the business and excitement of the holidays, there are lots of jobs that get neglected in November and December. Like window washing. I know my windows and mirrors are in a sad state of affairs come January first! Now that things are […]