iPhone Tip– How to Make Your Speakers Work Better {For Free}

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Raise your hand if you think Pinterest is the greatest thing that has happened in like 10 years forever. Yah, me too.
Have you ever tried a tip on Pinterest that looked flipping amazing, only to have it turn out an epic fail? Yah, me too.

I’ve learned that just because a tip has been pinned half a billion times, it doesn’t mean it’s actually a good tip. It usually just means that half a billion people thought it looked like a great idea. Big difference!

I have decided to start a new series called “Tuesday Tips.”
I will be sharing tips that I’ve used for years, and tips that I find online that actually work for me.
If I try a tip that doesn’t work, I’ll let you know so I can save you from wasting time and money like I did. You’re welcome.

OK, are you ready for my first tip? It has to do with smart phones. Smart phone speakers to be precise.
I have an iPhone, but I’m pretty darn sure it will work with any type of phone.

How to Amplify the Sound on Your i Phone Speaker

OK, I’m not gonna lie. This iphone tip totally freaked me out. Not like “oh my gosh I’m scared to death” freaked out, but “holey crap I can’t believe this actually works!” freaked out.

I can’t even remember where I saw this tip. I’m thinking I probably saw it on Pinterest but thought it was so ridiculous that I didn’t even bother pinning it. But apparently it stuck with me, because while I was washing some mason jars, I remembered it. And I thought, “what the heck, I might as well try it.”

Are you ready?

If you need the volume on your iphone to sound louder (say like when you are wondering around your house cleaning and still want to be able to hear your music) you will love this tip.

Just take your iphone that is playing your favorite music. It will still work even if it isn’t as cute as mine. 😉
iphone-tipPlace said iPhone it in a narrow container with sides, like the mason jar I used.
The volume on the iPhone will immediately increase! Well I guess technically it doesn’t actually increase, but the sound is amplified. Seriously cool. I’m not going to admit how many times I took my phone in and out of the mason jar just because I was flabbergasted. Yes, I know I need to get out more.

I tried a glass bowl, and even a plastic cottage cheese container. They worked as well, but I found the sound is amplified best in a narrow glass container.

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  1. I love this tip, it worked better than I expected it to. We make candles with mason jars, so this is perfect for our studio because we always have empty ones laying around!

  2. Nice!!

  3. Susan McGinnis says

    Here’s a tried and true tip I stumbled upon myself and it works like a charm – feel free to share it:

    When using a curling iron, sometime you accidentally touch your neck or ears or sholders with the hot iron. The absolute best cure to isntantly stop the burning is old fashion chap stick. Just give it a little rub and wala. Depending on the severeity, you may need to dab it on day two for the slight burns, day one dab solves the problem. It also works when cooking and using the oven – you accidentally touch a hot rack with your arm or hand .. . chap stick it!

  4. I do this all the time when I’m doing dishes, not only is my cell phone safe from splashed water but I get extra volume. Works for all cell phones, not just iPhones.

  5. I’ve had too many of those “pin fails” to count! I’ve put my smart phone in a bowl to have a similar affect, but I wonder if the jar would work any better. Going to have to try this! Oh, and btw -it was so nice to finally meet you at BYB2013! Love your stuff! 🙂

    • I did try out the bowl, but the jar works even better. And it was awesome to finally meet you. It sure was a fun conference, wasn’t it?

  6. I too love Pinterest, and I too hate pin lies. There’s a lot of them out there, I tell ya! Looking forward to your tips!

  7. I am so going to try this one! So glad you are doing this series, it will be fun. And I agree with you, Pinterest is so awesome 🙂

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