Mighty Marvelous Teacher Appreciation Idea

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Mighty Marvelous Teacher Appreciation Idea . . . these gift tags are perfect for a superhero themed teacher appreciation week!

Mighty Marvelous Teacher Appreciation idea | super hero teacher appreciation tags

I was on the committee for teacher appreciation at my daughter’s school last year. The theme was “Teachers Are Superheroes”, and my assignment was to come up with some kind of candy bar wrapper.

I needed to make over 50 of them, so I wanted something pretty simple. After a few days brainstorming, I came up with these tags.  I think corny can be fun, so since they have a double “M”, I paired them with bags of M&M’s. Of course you could attach them to any treat or small gift.

Mighty marvelous teacher appreciation idea

I kept the gift tags pretty generic, so they can be used for more than teacher appreciation. You can use them for your kids, friends, co-workers, or anyone that could use a little appreciation.  And isn’t that all of us? 😉

Simple teacher appreciation idea - printable gift tags to attach to candy or any gift

I like printing my gift tags on white cardstock. I got this laser printer last year, and I LOVE it. After you print out the page, just cut out the tags and attach them to M&M’s (or other treat of your choice). There are 15 on a page, so they are perfect if you need to make them in mass quantities.

Free printable teacher appreciation idea

To use the gift tags, just click on the link below, then download and print the PDF file.

Mighty Marvelous Teacher Appreciation Idea

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