Cherry Almond Mousse Pie

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Cherry Almond Mousse Pie . . . with cherries, almonds, cream cheese, and fudge, every bite of this pie is scrumptious! It’s a family favorite.

Recipe for cherry almond mousse pie - a no-bake cheesecake with fudge, cherries, and almonds.

We are pretty big pie fans here at my house. In fact, several of my kids request pie instead of cake for their birthdays. My second son always requests Banana Cream Pie. But for my husband and oldest son, this is the pie. My husband requests it for his birthday, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, and pretty much any time there is an option to have pie.

My family requests this cherry almond mousse cheesecake pie more than any of my other pie recipes.

I found the recipe a couple years ago in a Taste of Home cookbook, and it became an instant hit. With a creamy filling chock full of cherries and almonds, and a decadent layer of fudge, it was love at first bite.

Creamy cheesecake pie with cherries, almonds, and a layer of fudge. Cherry Almond Mousse Pie is a family favorite pie recipe!

You’ll notice that water is one of the ingredients in the filling. I thought it was a bit strange at first, but it balances out the richness of the filling. But if it really bothers you, you can definitely substitute milk.

Every bite of this cherry almond mousse pie is incredible. It's a no-bake cheesecake that is loaded with yummy ingredients!

I love the compliment of flavors and textures. The crunchy almonds and juicy cherries are a nice contrast to the creamy filling. And of course the layer of fudge on the bottom adds just the right amount of decadence. So yummy!

Similar to no-bake cheesecake, this cherry almond mousse pie is a spectacular dessert.

As a word of warning, this makes a lot of filling, so make sure you are using a deep dish pie crust. I sometimes have filling leftover, I just put it in a covered bowl in the fridge. It’s tasty all on it’s own!

Chocolate cherry fans will love this Cherry Almond Mousse Pie. It's similar to a no-bake cheesecake and is loaded with flavor!

I hope your family will love this pie just as much as mine does!

Yield: 8 servings

Cherry Almond Mousse Pie

Cherry Almond Mousse Pie


  • 1 9" pie shell, baked and cooled


  • 1/4 cup semi sweet chocolate chips
  • 10 oz jar maraschino cherries
  • 8 oz cream cheese, softened
  • 1 cup cold water
  • 1 3 oz box instant vanilla pudding
  • 1 cup cream, whipped
  • 1/2 cup toasted almonds, chopped
  • Extra whipped cream for garnish if desired


  • Cook 1/2 cup of the sweetened condensed milk with the chips till thickened. (I heat it in the microwave for 1-2 minutes, but you can cook it in a saucepan for 4-5 minutes.) Stir in 1/4 tsp of the almond extract and pour into the pie shell.
  • Chop all but 8 of the cherries; set aside. Beat cream cheese till fluffy; slowly add water and remaining milk. Add pudding and 1/4 tsp almond extract and beat till smooth.
  • Fold in whipped cream, cherries, and almonds. Pour over chocolate layer. (If you have leftovers, just chill them and eat them another day.)
  • Cover the pie and chill till set, about 3 hours. Garnish with the 8 cherries and extra whipped cream if desired.
  • (original photos- photos updated 2/2017)

     A layer of fudge, almonds, cherries, and cream cheese make this pie spectacular! My husband requests this pie for his birthday every year.

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    1. D. Da Silva says:

      So good. I changed a few things and would change it again next time. I used white chocolate instead and it doesnt say condensed milk in the ingredients list but does in the directions. You do need a can. I wouldn’t use cream cheese again, it gave it a cheesecake flavor and not mousse. But I would make it without next time still following the rest of the instructions. I also added a small amount of almond extract to the whipped cream and the pudding mix. Topped with sliced almonds. It is an addicting pie lol. Thanks for the recipe!
      So many possibilities various ingredients same base. Love it.

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