Mint Oreo Ice Cream Pie

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Still looking for a dessert you can serve for St. Patrick’s Day this weekend? This mint oreo ice cream pie fits the bill very nicely. It’s green. It tastes divine. It includes chocolate. It’s a breeze to make. It doesn’t get better than that does it?

I’ve had mint ice cream pie before, but I wanted to step it up a notch, so I included a layer of fudge in the middle. Because more chocolate is always a good thing, at least in my book. And please do me a favor. Don’t make this pie only for St. Patrick’s Day. It deserves to be served way more often than that! 🙂

After one bite of this Mint Oreo Pie, you will be in heaven!

Mint Oreo Ice Cream Pie

Oreo Crumb Crust (recipe follows)
1/2 gallon mint ice cream (I used Dryer’s Cookies & Mint)
1/2-3/4 cup fudge sauce (I actually used some leftover ganache)
Whipped cream for garnish (optional)

Let ice cream soften for a few minutes at room temperature till it’s easy to spread. I couldn’t stir mine up too much or it started turning grey. Mint chocolate chip ice cream won’t do that though. Fill the crust halfway full with ice cream. Spread a layer of fudge over the ice cream. (Save some for the top.) Freeze for a few minutes so it sets up a bit. Spread the remaining ice cream on top of the fudge. Cover and freeze for 3-4 hours or till set up. Garnish with extra fudge sauce and whipped cream if desired.

Oreo Crumb Crust

18 Oreos, finely crushed
3 Tbsp melted butter

Combine Oreo crumbs and butter. Press into the bottom and up the sides of a 9″ pie plate.  Bake at 375° for about 10 minutes. Cool completely and chill.


  1. Thank you very much for featuring my Glittered Easter Eggs. Your blog is fabulous and that ice cream pie looks divine!

  2. YUM!
    HOOOW lovely!
    And I totally agree. I could really do without all these yummy recipes, my tummy keeps bulging out even more…………………………

  3. Kara- you need to knock it off. I’m already pudgy, and I don’t need your help. 😉 Five weeks until SNAp! I’m looking to stock the room with goodies- and preferences?

    • Wow, 5 weeks. It’s coming up fast! I’m planning on bringing chocolate with toffee/peanut butter/mint. Maybe all three if I can’t decide. You’re not pudgy, you’re growing a baby! I, on the other hand, have no excuse. LOL!

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