My Favorite Gray Paint – Sherwin Williams Repose Gray!

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We chose Sherwin-Williams Repose Gray as the paint color in our new house, and I am absolutely in love with it! I think it is the perfect gray color.

Thanks so much to Sherwin-Williams for providing the paint for this project!

Sherwin Williams Repose Gray - the best gray paint ever! Repose gray looks great in any lighting.



Here is a picture of the house when we moved in. It was painted a cream color. We had cream colored walls in our last house for over a decade before I painted over them. It’s not a terrible color, I just didn’t want to live with it again.

Repose Gray paint color -before and after
Choosing a paint color can be HARD, I know. In our last house I think I bought six different paint samples and painted them all over the place to try and make a decision. This time around I knew I wanted a nice neutral gray.

When we were thinking about building, I visited the Parade of Homes, and visited a lot of model homes. Anytime I saw a wall color I loved, I would ask what it was. After four or five answers of “It’s Sherwin-Williams Repose Gray.”, I knew I had found my paint color. It looked good in all types of houses and all types of decor. Here’s a photo I took in the bedroom of one of the homes:

Sherwin Williams repose gray - the perfect gray paint color!

We painted the entry, kitchen, family room, hall, and my daughter’s room in Repose Gray. We will be painting the bathrooms as well, but first I have some wallpaper to remove. It is such a great color that it looks great in all of the rooms, no matter the time of day, and with any type of lighting.

sherwin williams repose gray

Here is the kitchen after being painted Repose Gray. The previous owners (who happen to be our friends), stopped by last week and commented how much larger the space looks with the new paint color. It’s hard to tell that from a photo, but it really does!

Kitchen painted with Sherwin Williams Repose Gray paint

So many friends who have come to our home have commented on the paint color and asked what it is. It really is the perfect grey color!

Great room painted repose gray

My favorite gray paint color - Sherwin Williams Repose Gray

Here’s some shots of the fireplace before and after. Of course adding some decorations makes a big difference in addition to the paint color!

fireplace walls makeover

Fireplace makeover with sherwin williams paint

We still haven’t decorated the entry, but the new paint was a good start!

Repose gray in entry way

We still have plans to replace the countertops and paint the cabinets to match the new paint color. I can’t wait till I am fully recovered from surgery and can get to work!

kitchen walls with repose gray

We are also getting new sofas, a rug, and some type of tables. That’s a post for another day. I can’t wait to share the finished space with you. But man, the new paint color was a great way to start this whole house transformation!

house makeover with repose gray
We used the Emerald Interior Acrylic Latex Paint from Sherwin-Williams. I went with a satin finish, and I love it. As a mom of five, I need my paint to be scrubbable. I have already had to wipe off fingerprints, marker, watercolor paints, and more food splatters than I can count. This paint cleans up really well!

I usually let my paint cure for at least a week before I let anything touch it. But two days after we painted, my boys lined about a dozen frames against the wall in my daughter’s room. I didn’t notice for a couple days, and when I saw them I panicked. Some of them were heavy, so I was just sure they had left marks on the wall. Nope. In just a short amount of time the paint had hardened. I was so relieved!

If you are looking for a durable and beautiful gray paint color, I highly recommend Sherwin-Williams Repose Gray. You will love it!

Sherwin Williams Repose Gray Emerald Paint - a perfect gray paint.

 Disclosure: Sherwin-Williams provided me with paint, but I was not compensated for this post. All opinions are of course 100% mine. 🙂


  1. Pilar Mc Shine says:

    Hi, what type of sheen did you use on the walls and trim?

  2. Can anyone recommend a complimentary darker gray color for my cabinets for an open great room ( kitchen/living/dining) that is paint response great. Current cabinets are yellow birch and not complimentary. I could go white line trim an baseboards but would like to explore the options. Thank you.

  3. Does it look dark in rooms with not much natural light?

  4. Mary Galvin says:

    Love this! Which shade of white did you use for trim?

    • I just use the un-tinted Ultra Bright White paint straight from the can. I used Behr brand because that’s what I had on hand.

  5. Didn’t you happen to lighten them repose gray by chance ? I swatched this color and it looked way darker . THanks

    • No, I did not have them lighten it. It looks lighter on my walls than it did on the swatch. It goes on darker as well, but lightens as it dries. My friend actually used a shade darker, and hers still doesn’t look too dark. Hope that helps!

  6. I love the way the paint makes your house look! What kind of flooring did you put in?

  7. I just painted my entire basement this color based on your recommendation and I love it! It really is the perfect gray! Thank you!

  8. It is such a great color that it looks great in all of the rooms, no matter the time of day, and with any type of lighting.

  9. looks great!

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