Chalk Painted Chandelier -Ikea Kristaller Chandelier

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Chalk Painted Chandelier – spruce up inexpensive lighting with a little bit of chalk paint. You can use any color to match your decor!

I think that unique lighting is such a fun way to personalize your home. When I was finishing my daughter’s room a couple of years ago, I really wanted to add a pretty light fixture for her. She loves all things sparkly, so I wanted a fun chandelier that wasn’t too spendy.

Add personality to your home with a pretty painted chandelier. How to paint a chandelier with chalk paint.

I found this chandelier at Ikea for forty dollars. For that price, I couldn’t pass it up!

Chalk painted chandelier from Ikea

I thought it would be pretty painted pink to match her room. I found a tutorial on line, but it required taking off all the crystal beads and spray painting. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to get the whole thing put back together the right way, so I opted to use chalk paint instead. You can do it too!

Chalk Painted Chandelier Tutorial

There are several brands of chalk paint on the market, as well as several DIY recipes, and I’ve tried several of them. My current favorite chalk paint method is using BB Frosch chalk paint powder. Two reasons. First, you can add it to ANY paint color, so you can match anything you want. Second, their wax cures much faster than any other I’ve tried. As in minutes instead of days. That’s huge for me!

How to paint a chandelier with chalk paint and BB Frosch chalk paint powder

I like buying the flat paint samples at Home Depot for $3, then adding the chalk paint powder (mixed with water as instructed on the jar). So easy! For this project, I used a small craft paintbrush, and it worked like a charm.

Before I mixed up my paint, I prepped my chandelier. Because I didn’t want to remove all of the crystals, I wrapped each strand with plastic wrap. I got a little excited and started painting before I took a picture, so just pretend that the chandelier is still silver, alrighty?

Step by step tutorial for a chalk painted chandelier.

After a few coats of chalk paint, I added two coats of BB Frosch wax with a piece of an old t-shirt. Then I buffed the whole thing lightly with a piece of cheesecloth.

How to paint a chandelier with BB Frosch chalk paint. Customize a chandelier with chalk paint.

It looks so pretty hanging in her room, don’t you think?

How to use chalk paint to paint a chandelier. A fun way to update your lighting!

Here’s a shot of it with the lights turned on.

Ikea chalk painted chandelier. How to paint a lighting fixture with chalk paint.

It was such a fun project, and I just love how it turned out! So does my five year old. Win/win.

Spruce up any room in your house by painting your lighting. DIY chalk painted chandelier tutorial.


  1. Pink lover here! Thank you <3

  2. Great tutorial. Chalk painted chandelier is looking awesome. I will also paint my room’s chandelier in the same way. Thanks for sharing.

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